We don't know about you guys but we like to let loose a little bit on our Fridays. So here's a bit of Friday fun. Take a look at the picture above, it's a shot of Google CEO Eric Schmidt taking a picture with a Blackberry. Not a lovely G1 or a sexy myTouch or even a beautiful Hero but a Blackberry. Where's the Android love from Google's own CEO?!

Maybe he's doing dutiful research on the competition but it's pretty sad (and hilarious, of course) that Google's own CEO isn't using the smartphone platform that his own company puts out. We're thinking that Schmitty (can we call him that?) is a dual-wielder, carrying both Android and Blackberry handsets, but really hoping that he's just taking a picture on a friend's Blackberry. Yeah, that must be it. It can't be his. Say it ain't so.

*cross our fingers*


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Anonymous says:

Sorry man. He's got a google sticker on the back of that BB. Looks like its his, alright.

Godwell says:


Why are we using these constantly (but showing potential) crashing G1's and he is running around with a CrackBerry? What type of loyalty or customer confidence is he trying to induce? That is like the CEO of MARVEL Comics reading BATMAN on the train...or KOBI Bryant running around the town in a LEBRON James CAVS jersey.


Call me 'sensitive', but I am very suspicious of SCHMITTY and the way he is hiding in this photo. He knows he's wrong!

Godwell says:

I see the huge GOOGLE Sticker as well (beneath the Crackberry logo and partially covered by his fingers, but still doesn't make me feel good that he prefers that over his own product.

Anonymous says:

Do you think Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer would be caught using a BlackBerry? Never! That is pretty sad when the CEO of a company uses the competitions products.

BobRossJr says:

WTF was he thinking

Anonymous says:

lol that looks like the storm or the 8900 lol hey sucks that he isnt using the G1 lol

Appleking says:

Offcourse he's using a crackberry. Andriod is garbage even he knows that.

Anonymous says:

i know right it might be the storm with the new .151 os because that shit is nice as hell

Anonymous says:

What else would he use, as of yet the Android platform has no real enterprise support, and with none in sight.

Anonymous says:

Anyone wonder why he's taking a pic with flash "ON" towards a window. HELLO!?!? It doesn't make sense unless he wants a white picture of flash reflected glass. I say it's a fake.

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Anonymous says:

i used a blackberry storm thursday, not so bad... i like the clicking screen but hero's in my favor. and oh yeah shame on the man