Energizer wireless inductive charging pad

Since we're talking about keeping your phones charged today, let's give away a pretty cool charging pad. Energizer's wireless inductive charging pad (read our full review here) lets you charge your phone without actually plugging in the phone. OK, you still have to plug in the charging pad, but you gotta get the juice from somewhere, right?

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. Need to keep this one to the U.S. only (sorry!), and your phone will need to have an inductive charging cover to get it to work. Lots of rules, we know. But leave a comment, and we'll close up shop at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck!


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Friday Freebie: Win a free Energizer inductive charging pad



I don't think they even make one for my DROID x2. No one seem to like DROID x2. If they do I might be the only one that wants it.... can I have it? ??

SWEET! This would totally set me up for having FINALLY switched from my Palm Pre phones!!! Here's to hoping!!

me me me me me me me me please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, AC! Come on, Lloyd! I was the one who coaxed Steve Jobs to resign. Come on!

Would love to win this, but if you must choose someone else, I'll settle for a complimentary Android Central T-shirt. ;)

I can't wait until wireless charging gains in popularity. It will be great to simply place your phone in a tray or on the dash of your vehicle for the phone to start charging.

I was thinking about getting into inductive charging when I get my Bionic, this would be really cool! I really want to try it out and see how cool it is, I really like the idea of being able to just drop and pick up my phone, since with pretty much all smartphones you need to charge it about every day or two.

This would be awesome for when I get the Bionic in a couple of weeks!! inductive charging FTW!

I've been lurking this site for quite awhile now. I made an account to make this post. This would go nice with that Droid Bionic. =)

Good Luck!

Love these contests, no matter how rare they are. 'Preciate the reader love AC, sign me up!

Looks like a squeeked in here. I'd like to have this. I miss the Touchstone I had for my Pre. Someone needs to buy that patent. The form was great for desktop and car.

I would appreciate the opportunity not to have to run all over my house looking for one of my charging cables... I constantly forget where I last left them all...

I'm charged up and induced to write about this. Let me know when you need my mailing address.

My ThunderBolt is looking for some energy to suck up! I would love to have this so that I can go back to the slim Bolt and not have to worry about carrying 500 batteries with me!

a great product..thank you Android Central for the giveaways.. another reason I read this website often!!

This looks like an amazing product! I would love to have this in order to charge my multiple battery powered devices. Stunning.

I would love to win this charging pad, especially since lightning once struck my dog. Oh, and: comment, comment, comment. Is this selection weighted by number of syllables per entry? Alright then, have a good weekend.

This is awesome. I have been dying to get one of these. I would love to have this one. Lol.

I was actually considering buying something like this. If i can get one for free, all the better.

“Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking cell phone battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.” ~ Tommy Cooper quotes

HaHa !! Pick Me Pick Me

was just looking at these overpriced chargers at work today. I want one for my Thunderbolt!

I like it!

Wow, only when there's something to win, everyone comes out of the wood work to post a comment.

I really need one of these! I'm getting sick of all the different phone chargers in my home... hook me up Android Central! :D

I always thought of these as pretty cool idea but one thing I thought was nice is having one for charging where I dont have to break out a cable all the time especially when the device just lays on it. Would be awesome to get one, might have to check one out.

The last thing I want to worry is having to plug in my phone to charge after a long days of work. Jaja, this will be useful and wicked awesome to have!!!!

Did you know, the Energizer Bunny goes by "E.B." for short? (No relation to E.B. Farnum, mayor of Deadwood). E.B. is twenty-two years old, and his favorite drummers are Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, and Phil Collins. Oh yes, he works for wonderful Energizer, the makers of (hopefully) my new charging pad!

Please pick me! This would free me from constantly connecting my phone and charger...it's such a nuisance.

Just got the Touchstone for my tablet this will complement my phone nicely!

Puh Puh Puhh Puhleez pick me. Please induct me into the wireless charging "Hall of fame"

How handy this would be for all of my devices! May I please be selected?!

Would love to win this. I miss being able to charge my phone inductively like when I had a Pre.

Totally useless comment so I can enter. :D Chicken fried bacon is the best ever!!!

I would love this for my phone! Huge AC fan! My first podcast last night and I love it!

Slipping in under the wire. If I can't have a new OS, I can have a better charger.

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