Seidio Innocell 3200mAh Super Extended Battery for HTC Thunderbolt 

The mother of all extended batteries for the HTC ThunderBolt just dropped into the Android Central store -- and being the benevolent bloggers that we be, we're going to give one away right here, right now. This massive 3200mAh extended battery from Seidio has more than double the juice of the stock battery, and it comes with an extended battery cover with soft-touch coating. And, best of all, it fits the new extended battery cases as well.

So. Wanna win one? Just leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a winner at 5 p.m. EST. You'll need to be in the United States, and have a ThunderBolt, of course. Good luck!

Update: And the winner (chosen at random) is ... LethalDonkey!


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Friday freebie: HTC ThunderBolt Seidio 3200mAh extended battery



This is would be great for my TB. Would save from constantly plugging in my phone to my car 2-3 times a day

This is would be great for my TB. Would save from constantly plugging in my phone to my car 2-3 times a day

my thunderbolt need a DRINK DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Thunderbolt. Both battery and new case look great. Wish they had turned the kickstand around and made good on HTC's design flaw.

Member for 42 weeks 2 days; Freebies entered: ?, Freebies won: 0. Just biding my time.

I would really like the extended battery for Tbolt. I Love this phone and really could use the extra power

I really really need one of these. My work signal is weak and the battery is always drained.

I have disabled LTE because of the battery issue. It would be wonderful to win an extended battery and use this phone the way it is supposed to be used!

I goaded my coworker into buying this over the iPhone and she is crazy mad at me about battery life, haha. Please pick me!

Even though my battery life has been fantastic with the MR2 radio, I'm sure I could still really use this!

Im in. I would love to have the extended battery before i go out and buy me a thunderbolt

The extended battery makes the Thunderbolt near perfect. Thanks for throwing out another freebie AC!

That would be pretty frickin awesome to have a nice large battery for my Thunderbolt! :)

This would be very nice. I wouldn't have to charge my phone three times a day. Love the phone though. Battery is the only drawback. And this too we shall overcome.

Would be totally awesome to have this I get little reception where I work, I have to charge up 3 times a day! Thanks!

Ok I give. Much as I don't want more bulk to my phone, I could surely use more juice. Cheers!

Sweet... Might be able to untether my phone from the wall so I don't run out of juice during the day.

Just got my Thunder bolt this week Love the phone Battery leaves much to desire. I have been looking for a battery and cover. Would love to be the lucky one to win!!!!!
Android Centeral

ZOMGS! My Thunderbolt could definitely use that much more charge! Still using the stock battery as I haven't had the money to buy an extended battery...

I am a school principal in a battery-killing building. I NEED this but cannot afford it.

I want one so bad. I love my phone so much that I kill the battery just about every day and bring a spare one with me every where I go.

OH god! I want to win this almost more than I want that new radio update...or a gingerbread update! Also it would be nice to not have to carry my charger with me to work...or put it on airplane mode when i take the train to save battery.

I don't have TB, but I have a TB. This soon-to-be medical profession could use some extra juice.

Please pick me, i'm dying with my regular battery! I hope this finishes before my battery di

3200??? wow. Everyone’s eating tacos outside bills office. Do you think that’s some information i would like to know? I like tacos. you invited Eric? I thought Eric gave you the creeps?

Aww guys just keep on proving why this is the BEST Android blog on the internet! I'd love to get my hands on this baby.

I Amazon busy mom of a three year old and I run through a battery in a matter of hours. My daughter loves to watch movies on the go but I don't let her unless we are near an outlet. Please give us more juice!!!

Totally a Thunderbolt fan along with Andriod Central. I have been eyeing the extended battery players since I can't go more than 5 hours on my phone.

Winning is everything, so please pick me. I am the most randum person in the group.

I am a busy mom of a three year old and I run through a battery in a matter of hours. My daughter loves to watch movies on the go but I don't let her unless we are near an outlet. Please give us more juice!!!

Been looking for a reason to finally get around to setting up an account at Android Central - and this is JUST the push over the edge that I needed. I usually spend more on Seidio accessories for my phones, then I spend on my phones by themselves. And can I just say that their extended batteries are the most powerful, reliable, and competitively priced ones available today. Kudos to Android Central for putting this promotion together!

Just what the doctor ordered for a Thunderbolt right on the edge of the 4GLTE signal that is constantly flipping between the two radios. THANKS!

I need this battery really bad for my t- bolt. please pick me! - huge android central fan!

I definitely need this since I use my phone for everything. School, work, my relationship and friendships.

I travel a lot and I love my thunderbolt!
But the downfall of traveling is less charge time.
I am left hours with a dead battery until I get my next charge !
I really need this battery (: <3

I simply love your site,read it everyday.I could continue to kiss your behind all day to win this for my juicehog tbolt,but I would rather just say pleeeeaaaasssse gimme gimme,LOL.thank you.

I just wish they would come out with an 1800mAh battery instead of the 1600 that doesn't add much life and the larger, bulkier batteries.

too many replies.. i doubt will win, but
give a try ^^ i came back to stock from ginger rom
so the battery do go for 5~6 hours.. but
when i am out it 7~8 hours so i also bring a charging cable
3200 would be great.. longer life and it's not to big..

Pick me... Pick me!! after all i was the first to send real pics of the thunderbolt from that secret event. i did risk loosing my job to keep you guys informed :-P it would be nice if i won.

I sure do need an extended battery. Seems like I am always tethered to something with this phone. My car, my desk, my house... or if I'm not, I'm constantly checking the battery level... help!

No such thing as too much least that's what the doctors tell me. ;)

Would love to win this. I've been thinking that my TB needs more junk in the trunk! Thanks for the chance AC!

Please, please, please be me! Thanks for the chance to provide my TB with more juice!

I really hope that I am the one picked for the free battery. Got my new Thunderbolt 5 days ago and the standard battery really doesn't last too long. Plus in 6 days here in Harrisburg, Pa we get 4G and would just loooove to enjoy the 4G for more than an hour :D
Thanks for considering me!

I would really like to get my hands on the battery. I freakin love the thunderbolt!!!

Can't a diehard user get a little love here? I could really use this battery, tired of shutting off 4G till I need to use to tbolt.

love my t-bolt but the battery stinks, please pick me, please pick me.. i will love android central forever and ever.

I absolutely love my Thunderbolt. Its my favorite phone by far (previous was my beloved Incredible). Winning this battery would make me love my phone even more. I hope i win!

yay! I'd love to have one of these. My thunderbolt needs charged 3 times per day with the stock battery. I think this would get me through the day for sure :)

I've been thinking about getting this myself, and winning it would certainly make the decision easier plus it would make taking the boy scouts to summer camp that much easier with more battery life :-P

My friend has a thunderbolt. It runs out of battery frequently and he doesnt want to dish out the money for a new battery.

I use my thunderbolt for work and half the time I have to keep it tethered to the wall :(

Thanks for the give-a-way!

Battery life is the only downside of the Tbolt and I've been tossing around picking one of these up but have a hard time throwing additional cash at something that should have never been a problem all along.

Keep up the great work, AndroidCentral.

I was waiting for the Android Central store to get this. Now I can order it from here! I don't like Seidio customer service anymore. :(

Although if I was given it, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Extended battery contest for the win! Pllllllease let me win! I am from the future and placed this comment in this spot for strategic win! weeee!!

With all the reboots and poor battery life an extended battery would do me good :-)

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