Xperia i1

A couple of days back we got our first look at what could be Sony's upcoming 20-megapixel "cameraphone," the Xperia i1, or "Honami." In addition to a beastly rear camera, alleged specs for the future Sony flagship include a Snapdragon 800 CPU and a 5-plus-inch display.

Today we're seeing fresh images of the device cropping up on Just Another Mobile Blog. The site shows a device matching the earlier "Honami" leaks, while revealing new hardware details, such as a microSD slot, an Xperia Z Ultra-like magnetic charging port and a dedicated camera key (natch). The report also claims the final version device will ship with a Xenon flash rather than the LED flash pictured.

Aside from the specs, Sony's clearly still utilizing its "Omnibalance" design language in its latest product, and the device pictured would look right at home alongside the manufacturer's current line-up. We've heard through our own sources that a Q3 launch is likely for the product, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out more.

Source: Just Another Mobile Blog; via: GSMArena


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Fresh Sony Xperia i1 'Honami' leak shows more hardware details


Honestly, I don't expect any hardware to go to Verizon. If it does, it's months after the fact. The CDMA network has really hurt Verizon the past 8 months (Nexus 4, etc).

Most of that is just Verizon. Even sprint with its horrible service and CDMA still release phones about the same time as the other carriers.

Most of that is just Verizon. Even sprint with its horrible service and CDMA still release phones about the same time as the other carriers.

Never had a Sony phone. I would like to try this one or see how it is.

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5"+ !!!!!!!!!!
Regardless of the specs it will be another phone everybody talk about but nobody buy it.
5"+ !!!!!!!!!!
Would be great to see such a device around 4.7" but no more than 5".
No for me from now.

I am planning to buy it, especially with a bigger screen than the Xperia Z. The Note II size is perfect for me and Honami seems to offer something similar when it comes to the display.

Since the Togari offers a very compromised camera without flash, the Honami is the way to go - especially with the bigger screen.

Unless you've owned a 5 incher or have tiny hands I'd suggest you be open minded. For the first day I thought my DNA was huge.. Now it just make me look at other phones and wonder how I ever survived with something smaller. Boy that kinda sounds wrong... But I digress..

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If this ends up being the next nexus phone I might wet my pants. Throw in Qi Wireless charging and you've got the perfect phone! I think flagships will stabalized at exactly 5 inches. it's starting to look like that's the sweat spot for one handed operation and large browsing screen (As long as it has a minute bezel like the GS4).

Edit: I would also Accept the LG G2 as the next nexus with comparable specs.

I think you are close with the G2, the Nexus will be in that ballpark I am thinking.

I agree you are going to be somewhere around 5" for normal phones and close to 6 for "phablets". That could go +/- .4 inches either way.

Your first Android phone was a phone that hasn't even been released yet? Wtf?!

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I still like the concept of a tablet/phone mix. Whatever happened to that? I know we're android fans, but if windows comes out with a windows8 tablet/phone hybrid, games gonna be over, for everybody else, as far as tablets are concerned. Phones are approaching the same size they were, when the cellphone was invented(joke).

Here's no great surprise, ANOTHER sony smartphone being announced.. they churn them out every day almost.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Why are Sony using Xenon Flash instead led !! Xenon needs huge energy that collected from battery. only latest powerful processor does mean creative matter, as Sony is a famous company they should invent something surprising, like S4 has.

Thanks in Advance

Xenon produces drastically better light than LED does for those very few times when you must use a flash. Power shouldn't be a consideration, you're not taking 500 flash pictures a day.

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