Sprint Epic 4G

Another day, another rumored date for the Sprint Epic 4G. That rumored Aug. 11 date doesn't look like it's going to happen (we never thought that was right anyway), and we freely admit the whole Epic 4G-movie tie-in thing is a stretch. So let's move on to a new date, shall we?

Powrman811 in our forums brings word that Aug. 21 is a date we should look out for, writing "MY GO TO SPRINT PEOPLE told me that I can order my store inventory on August 16th and sell on the 21st." And he shows of the Epic 4G you see above as proof that, well, he's seen the Epic 4G. Of course, so have we, so take that however you like. But it is nice to have a new date to kick around, right?

As always, we'll believe it when we see it. But for now, hash it out in the forums. [Android Central Forums]

Update: And the posts have been deleted. Take that however you want.


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From the forums: New Epic 4G launch rumor


I want a new phone every week now it seems.cant wait to see what next year brings.Android phones every were now good stuff.

I kind of want this phone but I don't like the hard keyboard, mediocre camera, and lack of kick stand. I guess I'll just hold out with my Evo.

how exactly is the camera mediocre?? real life tests will prove that megapixels dont mean anything. Its the software powering the camera and the actual sensor that makes the picture. And its not like the Epic doesnt have a camera flash, so you cant use the argument like that against the captivate or vibrant that you cant take pictures at night. I can understand about the keyboard, although personally I favor having the option to use one. and thats what android is all about right? options! the epic may not be the phone for you, BUT it is the phone for a lot of people, myself included :-) people on sprint now have a second option of a superphone on sprint, and both phones cater to different people. mainly, keyboard peoples, and keyboardless peoples.

In two weeks I get paid, and I'm going to my store (I work at Best Buy Mobile) and assuming that the Epic has come out by then, I'm getting the Epic, and my Grandpa is probably gonna get the Evo :D

The keyboard is a win for me, since it has arrow keys. I cracked my Pre's screen, rendering everything but the phone function, usless; and even that only worked correctly w/a headset. Since all other functions were based on touch and my keyboard lacked arrow keys, my already pitiful-Pre was now dead to me. A better keyboard would have made the wait for an upgrade bearable at least.

heay guys any idea if there will be any good android phones from now till beginning of next year for sprint...because when i got the evo for some reason the 2 year contract did not matter...im still eligible to get a new phone for the 2 year contract price...and im thinking of getting the epic if there is not a phone coming in a year.

I wanna try this phone out. I love my EVO though but I got an upgrade credit from sprint and I just opened my new service with them on June 4th when the Evo was release but I already got an upgrade credit?!?! I confirmed with an account rep and they said "yup!" Anyone else get this? Anyways, this will be a perfect time to try both phones out side by side.

they rarely d that. how much was the credit? if it was $70 that is the renewal credit for each line, you get that if you get a phoen or not.

Can my "go to Verizon people" call your "go to Sprint people"? We'll do lunch! I love this phone almost as much as the term "go to" :)

See ya on the 21st.

if you are happy with the EVO save the upgrade.

i had the EVO and i loved it except for the lack of KB. sometimes i have to text quick and the software kb slows me down too much i like to be able to just slide out the KB type it fast and move on. I was also a little jealous when i read about the galaxy S. i envied the Super amoled screen and i knew samsung's processor would fly. well 3 weeks after i got the EVO (a phenomenal phone!) i saw the EPIC 4G with all the things the Galaxy S lacked - Sprint,4G,KB,2cameras in that order. I returned my EVO for refund the next day and made sure my upgrade would be good for the EPIC!! to each his/her own i'm EPIC!.. 8-21-2010

That is by far the.slickest phone that Android has to offer (well, will offer that is) my Captivate is jelous it doesn't have a nice keyboard like that. Damn, that phone is nice!

hmm if only it didn't have a keyboard and wasn't made by samsung maybe I would consider it. But would not consider a physical keyboard on a 4 inch screen, why make it thicker then it needs to be and never really liked samsung due to their reception issues, but I would still consider it if it wasn't for the useless keyboard ooh well I guess I won't be returning my evo after all.

I just realized maybe they called it the epic to go with the song by the same name.

"you want it all but you can't have it"

maybe someone should do a youtube video with that music and the elusive Epic release date.

I have a few questions regarding the Epic 4g.

Does the phone feel like "cheap" plastic?

Does it have the delay when using the bottom 4 buttons like the captivate?

I have an Evo (work phone) and I recently got a Captivate for my wife. I'm considering the Epic for my personal line because it sounds like the perfect phone on paper, and the screen on my wifes Captivate is gorgeous.

I realize every time Android Central posts some bogus 'the Samsung Epic will be out in 5 minutes' article a million fanboys drive up your web traffic but this is really the silliest steam'n pile of ____ I've ever read.

Some guy says something in your forums and you post it as an article. As an added bonus, when I follow your advice and visit your forums I see his posts have been pulled.

Sprint's jerking everyone's chain trying to freeze the market. They botched the Evo rollout and they're getting scooped by the Droid 2 and Blackberry Torch which are real, ready to ship products. Not vaporware like the Epic 4G.

The only reason people like myself bite is because we're desperate for a decent phone and realize if we don't jump on one when it's released, given Sprint's incompetence in managing inventory, customer service and marketing, we'll be out of luck.

Well, not really out of luck. I'm about this close to bailing on them. Got that Sprint? And I've been with you for many years.

The Droid 2 is nothing groundbreaking, the Torch is probably one of the ugliest phones I've ever seen not to mention their OS is just..not fun. Personally I'd rather have some info than no info...

All the companies are guilty of vapor ware
I was just on the Verizonwireless site and the droid 2 says out of stock and the Droid x says shipping 8-26