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Fresh from our Droid X forums, Natemz brings us a couple of cool custom boot animations. On the left, a spinning Android logo. On the right another for some little Android site we've heard a little bit about. You're going to need to be rooted, and there are a couple steps involved. But that's a small price to pay for looking good. Video of the Android logo animation is after the break, and check out the forums link for the whole shebang. [Android Central Forums]

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From the forums: Custom boot animation


Awesome! I have always love Nate's work on the BB side. I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that he made the switch same time I did.

How eLse could ulu get access?
Rooting isn't hard if you find a good instruction list...if you have the RUU(that's what sprint uses on my evo) of your stock rom, it's almost impossible to long as power comes on you'll be fine,

Plus no matter your phone or carrier yu can have hotspot

You don't have to be officially rooted on the Samsung Moment. You have to flash a special recovery to the phone to do it, but it's technically not being rooted.

The moment is a horrible phone, had it for a couple wks, then had the hero from march to June then got my evo, yu really should upgrade, htc n moto make the best androids,

you can....install the android sdk and install that way. there are guides how to on this site and others like droid-life

That's pretty cool. To be honest, I think I'd prefer not having one at all, but if I find something nice I might go for that... Heh, I really do need to root my Desire one of these days. Wish there was an easier way of doing it, might wait for Unrevoked to work with 2.2.

Is part of this animation in flash? I'm running stock Droid X 2.1-1. No flash 10.1. Will that be a problem? I can see the bottom of the animation when I boot up but not the part that spins... Help please???

And yes I am rooted, so no smart asses please.

After watching the video i saw the android 2.2 lock screen in the end which means he either has android 2.2 leak or android 2.1 with the 2.2 lock screen. I also tried this with android 2.2 and i only got the flashing android. But when i put android 2.2 the whole thing worked so yes you do need android 2.2.

I finally did this to my Incredible using Root Explorer and it's pretty sweet. It's nice to see a different boot animation that the one that was there.