Samsung Galaxy S III

Flipboard is finally coming to Android. Well, sort of. Flipboard is coming to Android on the Galaxy S III. Exclusively on the Galaxy S III, we're told, at least for some amount of time, though Flipboard's website today informs that it'll be available on "Select Android phones" at first, so that could mean more than just the SGSIII.

What's all the fuss about? If you're a fan of Google Currents -- and judging by the more than 321,000 subscribers to Android Central on Google Currents, a few of you are -- you'll also be a fan of Flipboard. The idea is that you take a traditional news feed and turn it into a more visually appealing medium. "Magazine-style" is the phrase we use a lot, and it's a great way to read traditional online stories, online or offline. And Flipboard was one of the first apps to do it really well, and until now it's only been available on iOS devices.

But no more. Flipboard is coming to Android. We don't know exactly when (well, May 29 for those of you in Europe, we suppose), and we don't know how long it'll be SGSIII-only. But if you've been waiting for Flipboard on Android, it's coming. Probably. 

We've got a brief hands-on look after the break that'll give you the idea of what's in store.

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jean15paul says:

no sound in the video :(

elbaso says:

No sound on the Youtube video for me either.

icebike says:

Ok, so why celebrate another one of these? Especially when its a single platform application. That's pretty un-Android if you ask me.

What does it offer that Currents doesn't? How much additional work for the source sites is involved packaging stories for all of these magazine engines?

To date I've not been real happy with very many of the IOS transplants. Will this get me to drop Currents when it becomes generally available?

Gee says:

As a user of both Currents and Flipboad, Flipboard is better.

joebob2000 says:

The thing it has on Currents is that the "Tech" section is jam packed with all the Apple blog content you could ever possibly want. And then some more iced on top. And then over in "Life" there is a piece about Tim Cook's new haircut. Just in case you were wondering what some random apple employee had for breakfast, there is an article about that on the front page too.

Seriously, Flipboard is an iApp whose presence is welcome if you are in to the kind of news that it pushes, but for most of the Android user base no one gives a shit. It's really just something that iFans try to use to differentiate their iThing; I haven't seen a single Android user actually say "boy I can't wait for the flipboard port!"

robotaholic says:

I don't want this app if that caveman on the screen is included.

jayman30 says:

Anyway to get the mfgs to stop these BS application exclusivity deals? I can understand an Android only deal, but available on a single phone model for an unknown amount of time? That just sucks!

Cubfan says:

Read it later? That is coming, too?

Max_Freedom says:

It's called "Pocket" now.

Gearu says:

The exclusivity is great, but most likely, 2 days after release the phone will be rooted and the .apk extracted and distributed by a double agent.

codiusprime says:

Meh, I would have been interested a year ago, but there are fine Android alternatives. To little to late in my opinion.

mxmarcus says:

How soon can we expect the Flipboard on Android?