Track your exercise, set goals and monitor your sleep schedule with one device

Fitbit's latest health and fitness product, the Flex, is finally shipping following its debut at CES back in January of this year. The Flex makes an important improvement over previous products by including Bluetooth 4.0, which lets the device stay constantly connected to your smart phone without drastically draining its battery. The Bluetooth 4.0 functionality is compatible with "select" devices -- Fitbit calls out the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 -- but in reality should work with any modern phone that has the standard implemented. The Flex also implements NFC, so you can simply tap your phone to it to launch the Fitbit app and read your stats right away.

Just like previous Fitbits, the Flex tracks your activity throughout the day, including your steps, distance traveled, calories burned and now "active minutes" of moderate-intensity cardio as well. Because of its improved battery life, Fitbit notes it is also a great companion for tracking your sleep. The Flex is available directly from Fitbit for $99.95 in either black or "slate" (which is actually more of a turqoise color) at the second source link below.

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Fitbit Flex with Bluetooth 4.0 support now available for $99.95


Just picked one up at Best Buy and really like it over my now sold Nike Fuelband. I tried getting the wireless sync to work on my Note 2, but no dice so far. Maybe it's due to a custom AOSP-based ROM?

Either way, this thing is pretty sweet, and I can't wait to start using it on a daily basis!

I pre-ordered one when they were announced. Disappointed that I got an email it is shipping to me today when I could have just run to BB and picked one up. Oh well I am looking forward to replacing my Nike Fuelband with this. Nike can suck it with their no Android support model.

No, the problem is BLE 4.0 is *NOT* built into Android as of 4.2 (which was even more broken than 4.1). Handset makers have had to hack it in :-P
So check the device w/ your phone first before saying it works w/ anything.

It's pain free on iOS/Windows Phone/Blackberry ironically :-(
BLE 4.0 is built into all of their OS's...


AndroidCentral is letting Google, and manufacturers to an extent, off-the-hook when it comes to Bluetooth 4.0. Almost all the newer phones have it listed as a spec (the hardware is there) but almost none of them have it implemented from a software perspective. I'd LOVE to use my phone as my cyclometer, pairing with a Bluetooth LE heart-rate monitor and cadence and wheel speed censor. Alas, it's pretty much only compatible with iPhones (4S and above).

Please double check the facts of this story. The Flex ONLY works with the two listed Samsung phones. I have a stock GNex and am out of luck. Customer support merely repeated the caveat on the website. Also, no NFC as far as I can tell. I'm tapping it now and nothing is happening.

Even iOS devices are limited to the two newest models.

Fitbit needs to rethink their use of BT4.0 if device support it going to be so limited.

This has nothing to do with FitBit. Android 4.2 does not natively support BTLE, which is required for the Flex to sync to your phone. The phones you see listed that are Android? The whole two of them? Samsung went in and hacked up support for 4.0 as Android itself doesn't fully support it yet, thus the problem with almost every other device out there not working with the Flex.

Just be patient... hopefully Google I/O will bring good news of better Bluetooth support!

And NFC works fine on both my Nexus 4 and Galaxy Note 2 LTE. Not sure what problem you're having there. I already had the app installed if that's important at all?

As noted by several commenters, this will only work with the Galaxy S3 and the Note II. The rest of us are SOL with the lack of general BT 4.0 support.

My solution? Get a Jawbone UP. Sure, it doesn't do wireless sync (plugs in via headphone), but it is far more compatible with an array of devices. I also find the software better than Fitbit's (though haven't seen/tried the newer software since I don't have a Flex) since it includes a pretty good food log, and doesn't require a premium subscription to access more web-based software features. Jawbone should be bringing their API support to Android as well.

Hardware wise, it's pretty much all the same functionality. Tracks activity, tracks sleep, tells you when you've been inactive for too long (configurable), and even does some neat tricks like starts waking you up before your alarm goes off so you feel more refreshed because you are waking up from a light sleep when your alarm goes off, instead of a deep sleep.

I'm still in my first week of use, but it's certainly been interesting. The Fitbit Flex isn't worth switching away from my N4 just so I can use it.

The issues with bt 4 is supposed to be fixed in jb 4.3 out at google i/o.
I also like what jawbone up offers, and that it supports android makes it
that much better!

I would not recommend getting a Jawbone UP. They still have DOA issues like their first generation devices. I bought one the other week and it wouldn't charge or turn on and it wouldn't sync. I contacted customer support and they were useless, I would suggest viewing their forums before purchasing one. There are multiple complaints of devices not working. I finally returned it this week.

I've been using the Fitbit Zip for several months now and really like it. I had used MyFitnessPal alone before getting the Zip but having this extra information has really helped me in my fitness goals. Not only is the device a good motivational tool it also helps me keep track of the exercise I am getting on my job. I plan to get the Flex soon but may just go to BestBuy and pick one up.

i've been using the fitbit ultra and have been waiting on the Flex.

now let's just hope the rumors are right and Android 4.3 includes BLE!

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