Galaxy S III

An email from the Samsung store at Westfield Stratford City, London has just arrived in our inbox, with details of the Galaxy S III launch event on the evening of next Tuesday, May 29. As we've already reported, Samsung's kicking things off a little early for pre-order customers at its branded store at the London shopping center. Invites are being sent out for 5pm, with the first sales taking place an hour later at 6, assuming you've pre-ordered your S III.

And to sweeten the deal, the first 50 Galaxy S III's sold at the Samsung store will win free tickets to this summer's London games. Being the official phone of the Olympics, it's not surprising to see a little cross-promotion from Samsung. (Earlier in the week we reported on limited "Olympic editions" of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y being sold through O2 UK.)

Anyone planning on heading down to Stratford for the Galaxy S III launch next Tuesday? Shout out in the comments!


Reader comments

First fifty Galaxy S III owners to win Olympic tickets


Buy a phone, get free tickets to the Olympics, seems like a pretty sweet deal at least for those lucky 50 people.

STC Had a similar offer about couple of weeks ago when they started taking Pre-Orders for the Galaxy S3

Congratulations to the winners !

STC = Saudi Telecom Company . Its a Carrier in Saudi Arabia

I understand the confusion though
I remember when they offered the HTC G1 (Hero \ Eris) , It was called the STC HTC G1 !!!! You should hear the people trying to pronounce the name !!! lol

And the next day we will learn that some ticket scalper company bought all of the phones, scalped the tickets and sold the phones on eBay.