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If last year's Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle app wasn't enough for you, you can now download another official Ronaldo app, this time from developer Mobile Roadie. The official Cristiano Ronaldo app for Android gives fans access to up to the minute news and "never before seen" photos of the Real Madrid striker -- including pictures of him standing in front of a green screen, and another of kicking a football (as you do).

There's also a "fan wall", where Ronaldo enthusiasts can pour out gushing tributes to the star player (we counted two at the time of writing). And you can also earn points and compete for signed Ronaldo merchandise, if that's your thing.

If you're crazy enough to want not one, but two officially-sanctioned Cristiano Ronaldo apps on your phone, then we can only hope you're still sufficiently lucid to use the QR code and Market link after the break.

There are 5 comments

w0rryw0rt says:

I'll buy it, just to leave "Viva Messi" comments on that fan wall.

rd_nest says:

Good idea. I am thinking of doing same and pissing all Cronaldo fan girls.

jstates916 says:

Messi > Ronaldo

rd_nest says:


All show and no substance. Let him create an app for iOS. Suits him perfectly.

PSUGradAtl says:

Hey fans! Stay posted for an all new, exclusive, PSUGradAtl app... I know you've been waiting.