Nexus One

The Nexus One's not LTE enabled, but it does have an SD card slot. And it will never get Jelly Bean. But if you've got $80 to spend on what many people think was the best built phone ever, you can find one at the source link.

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Feeling nostalgic? Grab a Nexus One for $80 from Daily Deals


Yeah, I want an "HTV Google Nexus One", lol. All jokes aside, great price, cheaper than other sites even used. I'm so close right now.

I am one of those that saw this is the best built hardware I have ever felt in my hand. When I had my Nexus one, I rocked it without a case. It lasted for nearly two years of numerous falls onto asphalt. With all those tumbles screen never did scratch once. Needless to say, I will be reunited once again with the Nexus One.

I'm not sure what is meant by "best built"... My power button went dead after 2 years. The only phone I had with a dead power button...

Agreed, HTC got the feel right. But the other issues that soured me to the phone: touchscreen, network issues, software instability.

Oh yeah, touchscreen going haywire all the time... Last time it did it I smashed the phone against the cup holder and then threw it out the car promptly removing sim-card and battery.

Damn. I remember paying $500 for that phone on craigslist after it launched.

After 4 months I sold it on craigslist for $500 and got a contract for a Galaxy S1. (I wanted the money I'd save from a contract EDIT: and because I no longer wanted an AWS phone so I could switch carriers, not that it was a bad phone). It. It's better than the S1. The Galaxy S is a buggy piece of trash. I'm still using that S1.

It's a great phone but it has two fairly major issues: the internal SD card is tiny. There is very little room to install apps. You'll have to root it and force pretty much every app you get to the SD card. There are lots of apps in the market for doing that. Pretty much all of those apps were originally designed for this phone (and the very similar Desire). Highly recommend a class 10 32 GB card. They can be got for 20-$30 nowadays (when this phone came out it was $50 for a 16 gig...).

The other problem is there's a bug with multitouch. If you cross two fingers it can mess up badly. Google promised they'd fix that bug but never did... that bug motivated me to sell it because once you notice it it'll drive you mad. It wasn't as maddening as Samsung's phone though.

And as a side note: this phone stands to show that nexus phones have better software support than other android phones, but not by much. Google's last update for it was 20 months after it came out, which frankly still sucks. Apple's 3GS is going to be at 40 months when iOS 6.1 comes out.

Heh. It's more stubbornness than anything. Here in Canada we have 3 year contracts and I refuse to buy a new phone midcontract because Samsung produced a lemon and never fixed it.

That and when the phone works, which is most days, it's a fine phone but when it fails. It fails catastrophically. About once a week I'll take it out of my pocket and find it turned off. No idea how it turned off, or how long it was off for. I hope I didn't miss a call.

I've had at least 6 instances in the last 27 months where I'd pick up the phone and it was unusable and required a complete wipe where I'd lose everything. Fun times. The GPS is broken too. Can't forget that.

Yeah, I'm patient.

It didn't get any updates after Gingerbread because of the internal memory. ICS was just too big to fit on this phone. Google didn't have a choice.

Just so you know the nexus S isn't getting 4.2, so once again google stops supporting a nexus device after 20ish months

Google could have easily kept updating gingerbread with bug fixes and security updates. They only gave themselves and manufactures an excuse not to update most 2.X devices. Just remember: XP is still getting updated after a decade.

Whenever people buy a nexus phone which is worse in every way to other phones on the market and say "I want software support!" I'm sure you can see why I'm fairly amused.

I've been on many different roms over the past 2 years but for the last few months I've been on Cyanognen 9.1 .

It's more stable than the Samsung Roms but it still isn't perfect. There are problems. I still find the fact custom roms are more stable than the official ones fairly ridiculous (at Samsung's expense).

I still own and use it as my backup. I love the feel of the HTC phones. But when Gingerbread got stale I was curious about the iPhone4 and iOS. It felt so premium back then but I couldn't sell my Nexus One especially after spending $500 from the Google Store.

Now I feel the iPhone4 edges are so hard against my hand that I cradle that N1 in my hand from time to time. Sounds ridiculous but soft touch materials will always win in comfort and that's HTC.

I've tried to root it but only got up to unlocking the bootloader successfully. Today it's hard to find current info and not old data about rooting it. Would be nice to move all the apps to the SD card and continue to use it until the Nexus 4 arrives.

Can the nexus one be used on sprints network? I'd love to have an original nexus phone but I don't know if it can be programmed to Sprint. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

it won't work at all on Sprint or Verizon. on AT&T this will get voice calls and txts but only 2G data, on tmobile everything will work.

I have a gs1 (fascinate) on jb. Cyanogen cm10 and its killer. Im sure u could get that nexus at least on ICS.. I have a gs3 for my daily driver. But my fascinate is still great

I just got a Nexus One on Craigslist for about the same and love it. I mean I LOVE IT. The build quality, size, and fit in the hand is awesome. I am rocking a Maxx HD from VZW and am thinking about cancelling my contract and living with the Nexus One.

Word. I've been on Evervolv for Nexus One since last December and Jelly Bean since it came out. Still not rock solid, but amazing to see so much Android on one device.

Nexus 4 is due in this week, though. Might just have to revert and retire the N1 as a mini-tablet for the kids.

Still using mine.This is a seriously well supported phone. Check out s2e, which allows you to create a virtual memory partition. No apps2sd needed,the phone just thinks it has gobs of memory.I have about 100 apps on mine and it still shows 200mb free memory.

Weak points are few. The power button does fail if abused,but with trackball wake (remember trackballs?) and a screen lock widget you hardly need it. Biggest deal for me is spontaneous reboots when using gps,but I think that's CM7 and not the phone hardware. I'll put up with that,though. The size, weight,feel in the hand,screen and overall design makes this one a winner for me.

BTW HTC will fix the broken power button for under $60 US, with a 90 day warranty. Just call their dedicated Nexus One support phone line,which is still up and running.

Wow Jerry. Funny because I cancelled insurance on my ATT GS2. Waste of money. Was seriously looking on Ebay at a used Nexus One which sold more than the deal today. Just ordered one. Thank you man!

Now I can sell my GS2 on ebay IF I ever get a Nexus 4 instead of using my GS2 as backup.

if anybody ended up with an extra I would be happy to buy it from you I missed out by seconds I really wanted 1 of these just to have a never got 1 cos I never came to Verizon..

This is still my daily driver :) I bought it almost 3 years ago and we have lived unforgettable things together :P Thanks to the great Android community, I have it running Jelly Beans! I would upgrade it to the Nexus 4, but didn't have time to get one... :S

I expanded the system partition and got jelly bean working in my old one. With enough tinkering anything is possible. You can get any version of android you want on this thing. It'll run it.

I never had one of these when it was new - I was still rockin' my first-generation Blackberry Storm. I've been wanting to get a phone to see what T-Mobile's coverage is like now, and this gonna be more fun than the Lumia 710 I was looking at (you know, researching what MS has been doing since I abandoned Pocket PC Phone Edition those many years ago). Now eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first Daily Steals order...

I got mine on day two and it was love at first sight. I was heartbroken when we switched to VZW (great corp discount and LTE) and I got my Thunderbolt and expected the same kind of HTC quality and support only to end up with crap.

I'm still using mine for every day use. Purchased July 17 2010 and still going strong. Nary a scratch on it although space for apps is a pain at times. Plan on the Nexus 4 when they are back in stock.

George M-A

I just whipped out my old N1 after my Glaxy S3 died on friday.

Will be using the N1 untill the S3 get's back from repairs.

I cant believe how solid and well-built the Nexus One feels compared to both Galaxy S and Galaxy s3 (my two other phones). That being said, my Nexus One has a defective power button and the volume rocker is barely working. Makes flashing and using recovery kinda hard. :p