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For Facebook fans, it's always a little bit scary when Facebook decides to rollout some new layout changes considering you never know if they're going to make the experience better or worse. The latest update though appears of have made things a little better especially for those who post or view a lot of photos via Facebook. As noted on Facebook:

"Starting today, we’re rolling out an improved design for posts in news feed on your mobile phone. Now photos are up to 3x larger, and all posts will fill your mobile screen from edge to edge. The new design will be available on iOS, Android and m.facebook.com."

As you can see in the shot above, images extend out and fill up the screen better now where as before it would only show just a small preview and you would then have to click through to see the image or any set of images in your news feed. We'll let you all decide if it's better this way but in any case, it's live now for folks -- no update to the app itself needed as it is a server side change.

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Facebook rolling out improved News Feed layout for mobile devices


How about facebook cleaning up after themselves? When you load photos it caches them on your phone and appears to never remove them from that cache! I can see keeping it for a day or two, but after that delete the darn things already. However about an uppto fix that?

I'm tired of having to delete the cached data after a week or so to get rid of 20-30 MB of data...

So Mike47's question still stands then.

Why in gods name should anyone have to root their phone to compensate for something like Facebook that comes embedded on virtually every phone sold today?

I can't believe you seriously suggested that as a solution.

Ah, icebike, you never disappoint. You are the only forum member who I can always tell by your tone who made the comment without looking at the username. You always come across like you have a giant stick up your @$$.

Until Facebook incorporates a setting to not cache pictures, similar to like Google Music has for streamed audio, the OP can either do it manually the long way or use a method like I suggested that can do it automatically. I was merely pointing out that there already ARE apps to do exactly what he asked. How do you know the OP didn't already HAVE a rooted device & simply didn't know an app like this existed...or that he may WANT to root for a reason exactly like this.

It looks like something went wrong and images loaded too big extended over the border edges. I like the bigger images though.

"It looks like something went wrong" Well, after all, it is the Facebook Android app. They haven't introduced one yet that didn't have something go wrong. Most of the time it's many "somethings" wrong.

I suspect that this version will be just as crappy as the last 50 versions. Same crap, different day.

That's stupid, its bad enough people do nothing but post all of these pictures for likes just to get attention. I look at my news feed and its nothing but pictures.

So how does the larger picture size impact the amount of data the app uses?

While these larger pictures might "look better", and aren't a really big deal (other than possibly loading slower) for those of us still lucky enough to be on unlimited data plans, are they going to cause users on tiered data plans to consume more data than before?

Hey Chris,

The new facebook mobile layout is similar to Octofeed.com when under 930px width. My husband and I (mainly my husband) have been playing around with a new way to look at your facebook feed:

We make the video and images HUGE!
We autoplay and loop videos to move past the "What is this thumbnail mean?"
We show related video and content

Check it out if you have a chance and let us know your thoughts. It's an experiment - nothing serious.