Facebook phone

New app, new hardware (yes, really) and a new approach to social on Android! Join us for the liveblog!

Greetings from beautiful Silicon Valley, California! We're at Facebook HQ this morning for the big "Facebook Phone" event, where we fully expect to see a new app, custom launcher and -- crazy as it seems -- a new, dedicated smartphone.

Quite frankly, Facebook's got some explaining to do with all this, and we're itching to get the full scoop.

Livebloggage will commence at the following times:

  • 10 a.m. PDT (that's the U.S. West Coast -- the best coast)
  • 1 p.m. EDT (New York and Roanoke)
  • 6 p.m. BST (in London Town)

And all points in between.

Join us after the break for the complete liveblog, with photos and commentary from the event, your comments, and basically the biggest party from the most trusted name in Android!

There are 50 comments

Yeah finally! I will be tuning in from work.

graffixnyc says:

yawn... Who cares... I refuse to even have the FB app on my phone as I don't check FB a million times a day so I just log in with Chrome when I want to check FB. A FB Launcher will not be on my device EVER. Will I install it just to play and see what the fuss is about? Yes, Will it stay on my device for more than 5 minutes? Hell to the no!

atlas9171 says:

I agree, I'll check it out and probably delete it at some point. Facebook just isn't that relevant for me.

What if Google does the same with Google+? I mean the widget is kinda vanilla on both fronts. I don't see a presence of Google+ in Google Now either.

Bruh-Man says:

Google + is about the most irritating app I probably have ever encountered. It does everything you didn't ask it to when you didn't need it.

iamtimmah says:

Then don't download it. If you're not interested, move along.

fjitb says:

Def curious what FB has up their sleeve here, as I'm constantly on the app/website.

oldAGE says:

I agree with the yawn but from a completely different perspective. I too don't check it constantly but when I do look at it, the basic systems simply don't work and this has been through every generation of their Android product. Simply put... bad code. Should we expect more from FB? Probably not. They would rather push out more feature garbage than produce a quality UI.

rfmike says:

I want to see a Well polished Tablet app and a revamped FB phone app. That is all, not into the FB hardware.

shayne6717 says:

This times a thousand!

tumatos says:

if only their app was any good. sometimes i feel like pulling my hair.

miwaca says:

Facebook needs to get the price right on this one. The specs look good and if they can offer a satisfactory product at a very affordable price, then it will be successful. This attempt is no different to Amazon and their [hugely successful] Kindle Fire. Pundits will be pundits but a consumer’s wallet knows best.

icebike says:

They definitely need to keep the price low, because Facebook is mostly interesting to juveniles, and they tend not to have a lot of money. The problem is, Ma and Pa probably think Sally/Billy spends way too much time on facebook already, and wouldn't want to encourage more time wasted.

hmmm says:

I like tuning in to these live events but I don't even have a facebook account. Maybe I'll come for the commentary.

asd216 says:

You people cry so much for something that shouldn't effect your daily life.

So what, there's a facebook phone, you hate it, no one cares! HTC is still going to put the phone in production, and someone is going to buy it.

All your crying about Facebook is irrelevant this and that, then why did you comment?

Deke218 says:

I was thinking the same thing.

icebike says:

Why did you comment about the comments?

Maybe because they strike too close to home?

lhtbinh1909 says:

Excited? Absolutely not. I always love liveblogs but FB phone will be anounced at 12am - my time zone - and it's not a 'big thing' so good luck FB, I'll see you tomorrow.
And HTC, you should 'do' Nexus, not FB phone.
Btw, if the render's right, FB phone = GS1 + iPhone's Home button.

TheBigFerret says:

I haven't been this exc...... Zzzzzzzzzzz

Its funny how the non-Facebook users are the ones commenting/bad-mouthing this announcement the most. It doesn't make sense! Its like a vegetarian complaining about items on the menu at a steakhouse.

fjitb says:


MarkSeven says:

Exactly. Like dude, go to another aisle then. If anyone has a right to complain it's us daily users who need to network and keep in touch with peers, family & friends. We need an app that WORKS.

NexusKoolaid says:

What you're missing is that many non-Facebook users are actually ex-Facebook users that have abandoned the service and want nothing more to do with it, having a strong negative opinion for some reason or another.

icebike says:


Facebook is like a drug, or smoking.
There are those smart enough to have never started.
There are those smart enough to have kicked the habit.
There are those still suffering the addiction, and most of them are in denial.

For the average person, yes. There are some of us who know that Facebook (actually social media in general) is a very powerful tool. Business owners find the usefulness in the networking aspect while the average ordinary person uses it for Farmville and Harlem Shake videos.

icebike says:

Actually business use of facebook is coming to be recognized in professional circles as a sign of juvenile marketing department. That's not necessarily bad if the customer base is also juveniles.

sakasune says:

My only question is "why Roanoke?"

Oh yeah, and the obligatory "f*** facebook" lol

djstarion says:

Doesn't Jerry live around Roanoke?

sakasune says:

Oh okay, that's probably it. I just remember Roanoke from history class (the colony that mysteriously disappeared)

turb0wned says:

So does that mean it will invite you to play farmsville every 20 minutes!

Is there a live stream anywhere?

tim242 says:

Facebook: A horrible place to call home.

Metallinatus says:

Where is the like button when I need one?

kaybegod says:

So in other words, my phone will be buzzing off the hook with notification updates....peachy

mesysg says:

How do you put NY and the Noke in the same conversation? HA! SWVA

iSRS says:

I think this is an interesting comment...

"Last year we rebuilt the iOS app, and then the feed experience on Android. And that was just the first step. Home is the next step."

I wonder if there will be tighter integration with iOS 7. Kind of doubt it, but would be interesting, if Apple were to allow it.

I will say, this looks from the shots like an interesting concept, and a visually appealing app. A Flipboard feel to it.

Of course, these demos (on all platforms) always have pictures that have that pro-am look to them and make the design stand out.

When it is a picture of grumpy cat and some clever saying, it will look less impressive.

iSRS says:

Based on Zuck's comment, looks like maybe not iOS7, but iOS8 is a possibility...


His comment about the notifications needing to be revamped. Does that mean he is saying the HTC first will have the full experience shown and the others (S3, S4, etc) will not?

jcorv58 says:

Uh oh, Peter Chou? This can't be good for business...

Listen Peter Chou......Buddy if you are going to announce something in English, for god sakes GET SOMEONE WHO CAN SPEAK IT BETTER THAN YOU!

I cant be the only one that barely understands a word he says.

You're not alone. English is not my first language but it was bad experience...

Dirty-Bird says:

While I'm not sure I put enough effort into Facebook for this to be viable, I think it's well done and the next step. We are consuming more and more and need quicker ways to consume. That means more ways to consume from the lockscreen. It will be interesting to see how they tie in security and preserve privacy (not sure it's possible). I hope more companies try to do something similar at least to give people options. I would me more interested in news aggregation on my lockscreen/launcher possibly. They have similar apps and widgets but, I mean something more stylistically integrated. Before anybody says we have widgets I mean fullscreen as shown in the Facebook launcher.

I don't have a Facebook account but I really like what they did. I can't wait to see all the optimizations they will make in the future. Also, the HTC First is like the Nexus device of Facebook Home so I'm sure if we watch that very carefully we will see some really cool stuff.

reddragon72 says:

Since this will never come to the iPhone, how many of you think the kiddo's that crave facebook every single moment of everyday will jump from the iPhone to Android?

And even more so, this may lead to even further disintegration of the Android UI, imagine if game companies or major websites started doing this as well. Yahoo UI anyone LOL

I think it's a great idea, and it'll be a hit for sure, but I just don't want my phone to be all about one thing, I like how it is basic enough to not single in on social networking or gaming or media, it just gives me a base to spread out to other area's and that is a really good thing. But it really wont effect me since I don't have a FB account, never have and never will LOL

icebike says:

Good insight.

This would be fine if released as a Lock Screen and Home Screen Widget. Building hardware for it is like getting a tattoo, you are stuck with it for far too long.

matthwo8 says:

The fact that it is limited to so few phones will kill the momentum. you want to make it widely available yet you shoot so low of a target... I was really excited about the features but once they showed the company and phones it would be on....LAME! Sorry but I wont buy a phone just because its going to have "facebook home" on it. Someone please tell AT&T to sit down on bragging about their network...Its fast because its so limited....When Verizon first put out their network and it was limited it was super fast too.

Dirty-Bird says:

In the Q&A they said ICS and Jellybean. I was a little bit confused when they only showed a few phones also though.

Hope this is going to change soon as I do have Nexus 4... I know they have mentioned Jelly Bean so I'm still hoping to try it out...

fchowd0311 says:

I love how in these presentations, all of the presenters have professional photographers for friends. I doubt if I had this home crap it would nearly look as nice with all the girls and their duck faces and dudes taking shirtless pictures of themselves next to a mirror.

fchowd0311 says:

I hope my friends use this home thing.... Now I can take a giant hi rez picture of my crap and post it on Facebook and have it all over my friend's homescreen.