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Beta track continues to get quick and useful updates

The beta track for the Facebook app has been updated today with a few useful features, showing once again that it intends on iterating quickly with its beta fixes. This update brings one new feature to the Messenger function, and that is animated stickers for some of the categories — Pusheen, Beast and Anooki are listed — which has been the case on iOS devices for some time now, but stickers don't seem to be animating properly for us at the moment. A new feature for those using Facebook Home is the ability to control music playback on the lock screen.

Also included is a fix for a bug that caused album covers to show rather than a specific photo you tapped, as well as a bug that crashed the app when viewing photos in full screen mode. Naturally, various bug fixes and speed improvements were made as well.

If you haven't joined the "Facebook for Android Beta Testers" group, information can be found on the official Facebook page on how to join. Those wishing to stay on the regular track and wait for the more stable updates should see these improvements trickle down soon enough.


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Facebook Beta update brings animated stickers, music on lock screen for Home


It happened to me too. I googled and found an old version to go back to.

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Yeah man. This is the MOST annoying thing about the Facebook app. Load it up and half the images never show up. Drives me bananas and with all the updates that they have pushed over the past 6 months, I figured it would have been addressed by now but NOPE!

Facebook needs a decent basic app, along the lines of what it used to be (but not the garbage it was). Just reading/posting to your timeline, easy uploading of pics/videos, maybe the contacts integration they had in the 2.x days (but, honestly, I'd rather Facebook stay out of my contacts). I've been using the mobile site lately because of the crap that the app has become, but uploading pics with it isn't near as nice as just sharing from the gallery.

The feature creep lately has been crazy.

I'm hoping eventually they'll make a tablet optimised version as the new timelines aren't too friendly with chrome for android. I also try to avoid 3rd party software if I can...

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oh and if you post a problem in there facebook mobile beta section it gets ignored buried in all the VOTE FOR ME spam ..