Normally we couldn't care less about stories born from lurking on photo-sharing sites, spying new devices from EXIF data embedded in images. But in this case we'll make an exception. An ASUS "Nexus 7" has popped up on Picasa, lending credence to the generally accepted rumor that we'll be seeing a 7-inch tablet from ASUS in just a couple short weeks at Google's annual developer conference.

The picture, which we've buried after the break, isn't anything special -- just some ceiling tiles and a couple florescent lights. It's shot at 1280x960 resolution, meaning it's probably from a front-facing camera. Really, it's the existence of the tablet that's of any interest here, but neither is it all that much of a surprise. And the question remains: What will separate it from all the other tablets out there today?

Anyhoo. Be sure to bookmark our Google IO page, and we'll be bringing the whole thing from June 27-29 in San Francisco.

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HAAS599 says:

This might be evidence that the tablet won't have a rear-facing camera. I have literally never used the rear facing camera on my GTab 10.1 so that would be fine by me.

edit: What separates it? Its a $150-$200 quad-core tablet that is pure Google. Need I say more?

The absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. 

HAAS599 says:

lol, hence the word "might" in the sentence. All will be clear soon.

SpookDroid says:

Gotta love EXIF and it's creepy info gathering :P

Hand_O_Death says:

Please have the specs of the 370t or better with a good screen. (and the $200 - 250 price range will be fine for me)

And I agree, to save money, ditch the rear camera. I have a phone for pictures. Tablet cameras should be for video chatting in my opinion.

hmmm says:

Perfect Kindle Fire replacement. Can't wait. I love the 7 inch form factor.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm intrigued, but a 7" tablet just isn't big enough for me. If there's even an 8.9" or 10.1" model, I'll be really interested.

youareme7 says:

Considering this is supposedly based on an Asus tablet that has already been shown, they're doing a pretty darn good job keeping it under wraps. I'm dying to see this thing, might finally get a tablet. My perfect tablet would be 10" 1080P with a digitizer, but for this price I'll get this one and wait a couple more years for my dream tablet.