We heard that Best Buy was going to be handing out pre-orders of the HTC EVO 4G LTE today, and it's been whispered that Sprint would start delivering their own pre-orders today, and it looks like both happened as planned. There's EVOs-a-popping in the forums, and everyone seems pretty well pleased with the new gear from HTC and Sprint. There's a lot there to love, with that screen and the all new Krait SoC under the hood, and I expect that it won't be long before the tips and tricks threads start flowing like wine.

If you were lucky enough to get yours today, or if you're still playing the waiting game but want to surround yourself with the warm glow of happy EVO owners, jump in to the forums and see what's going on. If you're still on the fence, Phil is hard at work (for real, we took away his Xbox) and will have his full review for us shortly. It looks to be a hell of a phone!

Join the fun in the EVO 4G LTE forums!

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EVO 4G LTE is making its way into users' hands


Unless Sprint introduces something drastically different/better very shortly, this will most likely be the wifey's new phone. She just got hired at a Sprint Call Center and was told to ignore her upgrade date - she's able to get a phone whenever she wants with employee pricing.

Lucky. ::kicks dirt::

You know, I recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but, man, do I find that phone fugly. Can't understand why different reviewers find it gorgeous.

That's exactly right, it is. I think it looks way better than the SIII which to me looks like it's trying to look like a fruit phone.

Now I just wish the in-store pre-orders will be delivered. I ordered mine in-store on 5/7 and my store rep told me today they don't know when they will be getting their shippment and even tried to tell me that most of the phones are still seized by Customs. Go figure. Next time i'll pre-order online vs. in the store.

Well I can't vouch for the online pre-order. I did it through the site at the beginning of May and I have no shipping info yet.

The phone it`s nice, but it`s slower than the EXYNOS processor on the SGS2E4GT.
I`m talking slower in opening map, web, etc...

Thanks, but no thanks Sprint. Might be years before LTE is up in my city. Currently with Sprint and waited for two years with the OG EVO and EVO 3D just to get Wimax and it never happened in my city. Wont be suckered in the waiting game for that again. Verizon has 4G where Im at, but no phone Im really interested in. Everyone other carrier has a new flagship phone but Verizon. Where are the new Verizon phones..!!? Want to make the switch but find myself once again playing the waiting game smh..

So Phil didn't in fact fall down a well. That's reassuring. Looking forward to the review of all reviews.

When Sprint turns on LTE in Houston I'll go pick it up. Just waiting on speedtests.
Until then, Wimax Evo 3D, waiting for ICS.

Just got mine from BB and man this thing is thin and solid at the same time to the point where it doesn't even really feel like I'm even holding it!!

Unless the sg3 is out of this world I'll be getting this phone when my upgrade comes around in 3 months.......argh. I think the phone looks great and I don't know what everyone is up in arms about, most people will put a cover on it any way.

While i am glad the preorders are getting into peoples hands i find it pathetic sprint has not announced a launch date. Basically according to sprint the phone still isn't out yet. Worst communication ever.

Got my EVO 4G LTE. Sending it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has selective text out ability, depending on which tower you are by. Reinitialized, called tech support, went to corporate store 2x. No luck. No answers from Sprint. Will exchange it for a Galaxy Nexus.

Sad that software/tower interface dysfunctional. Otherwise nice phone.