Sprint Epic 4G update

Rumors have been runnin' round regarding the Sprint Epic 4G's long-awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update. And it looks like Dec. 26 is getting nailed down as a probable date. Yes, we know how these "push dates" go -- they're as likely to be good as bad, and it's not like everybody gets pushed the update at the same time. But here's what we've been sent from a couple of people:

A software update to DL11 (Froyo) is available for the Samsung EPIC 4G via
Google OTA.
OTA Duration time: 7-8 minutes, with installation time of 6-8 minutes.
Customers will become eligible for the upgrade across a 4-day period based on their status with the Google servers.
67% of users are currently on SW DI18 so the first OTA package we will
publish will be an upgrade from DI18 - Froyo (DL11).

So if all goes according to plan (we're all knocking on wood here), the push would begin next Sunday and last for four days or so. Anybody wondering what their "status with the Google servers" is? More on the Froyo update in the Epic 4G forums

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SlappyMcgee says:

No luv for us Captivate owners :(

iPwn says:

Or Fascinate owners. :( We don't even have a buggy build of Froyo running yet.

NYC Dude says:

Wow. I had the Evo launch day. Returned it after 28 days to wait for the Epic. Had the Epic for three weeks and returned it because of the horrible reception and GPS. Got the Evo again and lucky I made that choice. Nearly 4 months after release its finally getting Froyo. I loved the codec support and screen for the most part (bad text quality). But the basic parts of the phone weren't performing as they should.

dskwerl says:

Color me excited! I can't wait to use Skype for Android. Suffice to say, I'll be reloading Android Central all day on Christmas for confirmation.

Yay, finally! so when do we get Gingerbread? 2020?

dskwerl says:

I was just thinking about that, too. If we get Froyo now, we probably won't get Gingerbread for a couple more years.

dragonol2 says:

Well done sir, well done... my thoughts exactly... but hey, I'm excited for Froyo FINALLY!!!

Thank you sprint!!!!

Godchilde says:

I wonder if it will still get pushed to the Epics that manually loaded the "official" Sprint Epic 4G 2.2 upgrade that was leaked a few weeks ago.

If not I guess I have to root it after all. I was hoping to put that off until Samsung completely stopped releasing Android updates for the Epic, I enjoy customization as much as the next guy but I was in a nice place with my phone not worrying about stability and functionality of custom ROMs.

I think I know the answer but I'll check, can I root my Epic and just load this official Sprint ROM? (once someone posts it for dl of course)

carraser891 says:

as an Epic 4G owner, im taking this for the tiniest grain of salt.

buzzardjrt says:

I agree. I do not think it will happen. There will be something else wrong with it just before release.

I have actually lost all hope of any upgrades for Samsung, and definitely not Gingerbread. And at this point I really do not care.

The only feature I was wanting was ability to communicate with my phone via Bluetooth.

icebike says:

A full 6 months after release of Foryo.

This is pretty pathetic.

jbuggydroid says:

Just remember all the problems that people had with froyo at first.(droid x) Froyo itself saw upgrades for a good time too. The evo has had how many updates since it got froyo? Just think when we get froyo it will be the official final build and the only updates we would need are small maintenance updates. Not updates to the OS itself. The upgrade to gingerbread shouldn't take long either since it is not a major upgrade like 2.1 is to 2.2 or 1.6 to 2.1 was

icebike says:

I didn't have any problems with Froyo. (Nexus One - heh!)

Still, OHSA members get code well ahead of general release, and should have had those bugs out long before release. All they need is drivers for their custom radios, cams, etc. All of this would come from the hardware vendors.

That shouldn't take 6 months.

Mobius360 says:

67% on DI18, wow it appears a lot of people have updated to DK28. It does sound from reading that there may be an OTA package for DK28 although I doubt they would do that.

rajendra82 says:

Anybody want to put the odds on this getting pulled back in 2 days after release due to some issue. I say 50/50.

buzzardjrt says:

I would put money on that in a heart beat.

"@AtomicPlayboy I have not been informed of this information. When we have official details we will tweet. ^Mary"


icu says:

It's really not that big of a deal to me (yet), but it's just funny seeing these Galaxy S stories tucked in between all the "Gingerbread comes to X phone" "Gingerbread coming to X mid-level year-old phone" stories.

I just don't really "get it" is all. Samsung has been christened by Google via the Nexus S to be THE Android handset maker for this year/era - a phone that looks to be a fancied up Galaxy S and yet here we sit lagging behind everything else. It's gettin' to be regawdamdiculous.

lorcha says:

I wonder if Google selecting Samsung as the reference handset maker had anything to do with the worldwide AMOLED screen shortages that mucked up HTC's supply chain?

I mean, Samsung gets first dibs on the screens. They are the ones who make them, after all.

icebike says:

The shortage existed long before the Nexus S.
With the Galaxy S line ending up on every carrier there was huge production numbers chewing up all available screens.

gggplaya says:

I hope they add microUSB to HDMI support. Why do i have media hub again? So i can rent a movie for $4 to watch on a dinky 4" screen?

Quis89 says:

Omg you people are cry babies...what phones have Froyo that justifies the claims of all these companies being so far ahead of samsung?

bigrey81 says:

Just got rid of the epic is so crappy