Epic 4G accessories

Itching to know what Epic 4G accessories will be available at launch? A look at the latest Sprint Playbook (that internal document that might as well be posted on its website) gives us a pretty good look. Screen protectors, a smattering of cases, media dock and battery chargers should all be on hand. Standard fare, to be sure, but it's nice to see that some of the official Samsung accessories announced the other day will be on hand.

We get another look at pricing -- $499 outright (which actually isn't bad at all), and $249 after contract and rebate. We already knew that, but it's nice to reiterate that you'll actually be spending $350 up front. Also interesting in the Playbook is that apparently you'll be forced to activate the phone when it's purchased, even if you buy it at the full unsubsidized price. No "cold phone purchases," it says. (Is that SOP?)

You can check out the whole thing at the source link. [SDX Developers] Thanks, Numus.


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Epic 4G launch accessories to include chargers, cases, leaked playbook states


kinda worries me that the epic gets the media dock before the evo i hope sprints not putting the evo on the shelf

All Bell has for the SGV is a desktop dock ( vertical)and a spare battery for $80+!!!!

For you physical keyboard fans on Sprint this will be Epic indeed. ;)

Initialy the pre had to be activated even when sold at full MSRP also. It's largely to try and help keep them on the shelves and have less thrown up on Ebay for inflated prices for the first little bit.

Apparently, the marketing team for Sprint didn't realize the USB port is on the top of the phone, they have the phone going into the dock backwards. A full rez version of the documents are at SDX-Developers

it is pretty pathetic that phones like the DI & Evo had a dock in the works and get canceled. Now the new comer shows up and first day has one. HTC you're doing it wrong.

This article needs to note that the EPIC is $249 out the door at Best Buy..no Mail in rebate required... The EPIC is available for Pre-Order at Best Buy right now...
Samsung - Epic 4G Mobile Phone (Sprint) - BBM15TK http://bit.ly/9vjVhI (Pre-order link)

Great point... if I have the choice (and BB has the stock) this is where I'll be getting my Epic day 1... Sprint's stupid MIRs can give other people waiting anxiety...

Will that dock work with a Vibrant or a Captivate? If so, I'll run into a Sprint store and pick one up ASAP!

if you are buying unsubsidized, as you seem to indicate, it is actually the same price if you take a minute to ask them match sprints unsubsidized and you are better off just taking local availability into consideration

Yes it has been Policy to mandate activation Smartphones purchased a full price in the store for several years.
Doesn'tt mean it was always done but sprint has a particular interest in doing it with handsets that are bound to be extremely popular.

I preordered the Epic at the Best Buy near my house and the lady told me they're selling it for $200 instead of the $249.99!! I was in shock to say the least...I'm going to call the Best Buy near my job to see if it was a BS. Has anyone else heard about this?