With the Android 4.1 source code having recently dropped on AOSP, custom ROM makers are quickly making progress in getting the new version ported to a variety of devices. One of those is the much-anticipated CyanogenMod 10, and this morning one of CM's leading devs has posted a short teaser video showing the Jelly Bean-powered CM10 in action.

Ricardo Cerquiera released the above video on YouTube and Google+, demonstrating a surprisingly functional ROM on the LG Optimus 4X HD. Zipping around the UI, we see that the camera, multitasking and phone calls are all working, though this early build seems to have a couple of issues with the new Google Search app. In any case, it's an impressive amount of progress considering how short a time the Jelly Bean source has been available.

As always, the first rule of CyanogenMod applies here, and the team isn't giving any ETAs for CM10 nightly builds.  We'll be waiting to try this on our devices just as soon as it's ready.

Source: +Ricardo Cerquiera


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Early video shows CyanogenMod 10 progress on Optimus 4X HD


Cm9 was available on my last phone (vibrant) only ~2 months after the Galaxy Nexus launched. Jellybean leaked no more than a month ago, give it some time... Cm10 will be ready soon enough, probably well before any non Nexus gets an OTA.

CM is quicker than most manufacturer's! I say nice and fast development and it is the only way to have quick updates for LG phones wich i do like hardware wise but software from LG is crap just like their support.

This is awesome! Thanks for what you do. I wonder if the kernel is coming along with it? Google Now with voice would be pretty incredible if older hardware will support it. I see the XDA Google Now project is coming along as well.

This is awesome. With the release of ICS source for the Epic 4G Touch, and CM already getting JB merged into it's code, I should be running CM10 soon.