Many of us have been anxiously awaiting Adobe AIR -- which we demoed back at Mobile World Congress -- to be made available on Android so we could see some of our favorite PC and Mac applications on our smartphones. An early release of Adobe Air for Android has made its away out, as well as some applications for it. Keep in mind, this is not the official thing just yet, so it may be buggy, and there aren't many applications supported just yet, but it just goes to show that it is coming along, and hasn't been forgotten about. [via DroidLife]

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Early Adobe Air download surfaces


5th and confused.

How will this affect the mobile space?
What kind of apps can we expect?

Adobe generally has lots of bugs to iron out. Hopefully this turns out great cause I love Adobe for working with Android so furiously.
I also hate them because Flash was supposed to be on the Palm Pre in February.

Love/hate relationship. :/

They installed fine on my Evo but were not too impressive like dgdave stated so I removed it all. Good to know its available though for when the apps catch up with what Air can do.

I know what adobe flash is, but what is adobe air? And whats the difference between adobe flash and adobe air? And what is adobe air apps?

Abode air runs many of my pc apps so when folk ask what the point is makes me wonder. Don't forget that it's a beta and still being worked on, but this could well open up a multitude of Devs and an entirely new platform to create apps for Android devices.