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EA has announced it will be having a sale on iOS and Android titles, starting ... now!  The list of games and prices (with Android Market weblinks):

EA makes some outstanding games, and getting them on sale is a great way to have some fun with your Android phone.  I'll be grabbing Worms in a few hours, what games are you guys looking forward to trying?  Sound off!

Thanks, Rene!


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EA kicks off their Memorial Day sale today at 4 PT


No thanks! Purchased Need for Speed and Tetris on my inc and when I switched to Thunderbolt and since to Charge the purchases didn't transfer. Every other purchased apps transfered.

Exactly, I bought a couple of EA apps for my Droid that weren't available after I had to do a system restore. I'll never buy another EA game for Android again.

yep, same here. and here's why.

When EA was done w/the 99 cent Holiday sale, instead of adjusting their prices, they removed some of their games and resubmitted them (including NFS, and Tetris), forcing Google to re-catalog the games, which created new IDs, and lost all associations in the market for those games that were previous purchased. So if you factory reset, or purchased another phone after their switch, you won't be able to re-download those games (unless you repurchase them).

And I would guess that anyone who purchased them during that sale, and still have them installed, could go to the market, find those games and they'd probably show up as a price to purchase and not show up as installed (again, since they're different market submissions). Can anyone on AC verify this? They also wouldn't be receiving any game updates available since then either.

And EA's android support is terrible at best. It took me months to get a response from their support. Eventually they sent me voucher codes to download those games from their mobile site, but NFS isn't even on there.. it's not about the cost obviously. It's like buying a PC game, installing it, and then having them take the discs away.. And how many people bought these games during that sale??

Actually, I bought the 99 cent games during the sale and I was able to download them after the switch. Android market keeps a copy of everything even after developers remove them so that people who bought the item in the past can still download them. If you go to the market website you should see your game as well as the one with the new id.

Go here (https://market.android.com/account) and look for the game. The problem might be with your account.

Btw, last I heard from this issue is that it was a problem with the android market and some carriers, not something EA did deliberately.

I guess it's an issue on specific carriers, or phones. But it's still EA's doing.

I've gone on market.android.com, and they indeed have multiple entries for NFS Shift, and one that says 'purchased'. But when I go into it and select my phone (listed as 'Verizon HTC 6300') it's grayed out and disabled, and I'm unable to reinstall it. Same thing for Tetris.

android market support said that the 'developers of android applications can choose to filter devices based on a variety of criteria, including Android OS version, carrier, location, or even screen size. I recommend that you contact the developer of this application directly for more information.'

So besides removing the games and resubmitting them, EA also blocked/filtered original owners from restoring their games through this method. EA needs to remove whatever filters they put on these game entries to allow us to redownload them.

Worms doesn't seem to be on sale yet (still $2.99). Hopefully it updates soon.

Also, there are two versions of Worms on the Market: Worms and Worms by EA. Both are official. Same price. Same game. This is madness!

+1 to what everyone else is saying! I bought Need For Spepd when it was on sale, and it didn't transfer over to my replacement Droid X, and now my TB....I was going to get Bewjeweled 2...but F EA! (sorry but most games > ios) but just my opinion...

Bejeweled and Tetris are saying "not available on your carrier" I have the Thunderbolt, plus Tetris is still showing $2.99. What gives?

Buyer Beware!!! Backup the .apk file, because you may never be able to download it again! I'm another user burned by the thieving EA bastards who won't let me download a legitimate purchase made on the Android App Store. Search in the forums, especially for Verizon customers. You'll find plenty of folks who were cheated by EA when they removed the games they purchased from the verizon customer app store. Yes, root & carrier spoof app is the only fix I'm aware of to download games I legitimately paid for; I'm not going to stoop to EA's stinky gutter level by pirating.

Long story short, if you buy from EA, better lube up!!!

I rarely post comments, but I have to in this case. Do NOT buy EA games. I bought several, only to have them removed for my app list. Also I tried again last week for the heck of it only to download Bejeweled and it show "Device Not Authorized" on top of that, when I tried for a refund it said "unable to process request at this time" when I was WELL within my 15 minute limit. Watch it folks. You have been warned.

Seems only the "by EA" games work with the ThunderBolt. Also none of the games are showing the reduced prices.

Still way too much for these games. I think the best rating among them is 3 stars.

Stupid licensing systems, you're forced to wait 10 seconds every time you play so they can make sure that you're aware, YES, this is in fact an EA game. In fact, here's our logo! It says EA!

The ones I tried (and I think I've got all but FIFA) don't handle backgrounding properly either. It's like they just made a 1:1 copy of the iphone version and didn't bother with anything Android-specific except for adding their own DRM.

The worst though, they don't put .nomedia files with their ultra-low quality music files, so they show up when to play music. Thanks, I totally wanted that "dressing my sim" music to liven up my drive to work.

They get a lot of things right and then just ignore the basic quality standards everyone is expected to abide by for all the less important things. Leaves you feeling like you're playing a Chinese knockoff.

I bought two EA games around Christmas time for 99¢. And I've never had a problem with not being able to redownload them. Actually, i just did a full wipe yesterday and when I went to my apps on the market, my two EA games were waiting for me...ready to be downloaded to my Evo.

I think it's a Verizon problem that is affecting everyone else...not surprising though.