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Dropbox has reached separate deals with Softbank and Sony Ericsson that will feature the service across Japan as well as pre-install it on several upcoming Android devices.

Upcoming Sony Ericsson devices labeled as "Dropbox-powered phones" will be sold and featured in ten countries across Europe and Asia, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Republic of Ireland and Italy. We're assuming this just means that Dropbox comes pre-installed with the devices and nothing more. And don't worry, Dropbox will continue to work on non-"Dropbox-powered phones."

Two of the first phones to receive the "Dropbox treatment" are the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play, though the Verizon version will not come with it as of yet.

Dropbox has also reached an agreement with the Japanese powerhouse Softbank, which will feature the service in 7,000 stores across Japan. It certainly will be very beneficial to Dropbox, which will be exposed to many customers who may not know what it is or how it works.

Dropbox is a great service that is loved by many, including us here at Android Central. However, there is a concern that this is just another example of more bloatware, particularly for those who don't use Dropbox. What do you think? Does a phone sway you just because it has Dropbox pre-installed?

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Dropbox reaches separate deals with Softbank and Sony Ericsson, will come pre-installed on upcoming SE phones


Personally I think it's a great idea. DropBox makes money from it, thus giving them more resources to improve the product for Android. I foresee better integration with our devices (a la the previous article about DropSnap), more storage space by default for android users, and many other features Android users have been asking for.

I didn't even know what it was until a friend told me. Had it come preinstalled I would have found out much sooner. However, I would hope it can be uninstalled without having to root. I hate prepinstalled apps that you cannot delete. I could really not care less about NASCAR or Sprint football..

dropbox has become an absolute must have for me. bye bye thumb drives and multiple copies of files scattered everywhere. thank you!

They can pre-install as many apps as they want because honestly many of them are must haves. For example who wouldn't use google maps, or Pandora. Even if you don't always use it there would be no reason to outright delete them or many others. On the other hand many are completely useless and even though these companies have agreements to have them put on the phones I don't see what is the big deal in allowing them to be removed (and forget all that root crap). There's nothing Blockbuster can do to make me use their app so it just makes me mad that I can't delete it and makes me think I should never go in one of their stores again. Like there are more than just a few left anyway!! So my vote it to put whatever they want on the phones but just let that nice uninstall button stay lit up for whatever we don't want. Is that asking so much?

The carriers won't allow them to be removed because they want you to use their services.... When it comes to third parties money is exchanged so they won't allow to uninstall those for that reason....

As far is it "not being a big deal"... Android has a HUGE internal storage problem. Imagine how excited folks are that HTC is finally giving us 4 measlys GIGS for apps... Only samsung is starting to break the mold

No, internal storage is mostly just an HTC problem.

My Droid X & my wife's Droid 2 have both been out nearly a year and they both have 8GB of internal storage space for apps. I don't store any apps to the SD & have plenty of very large apps (Google Earth, all of the Angry Birds games, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.) and I have NEVER seen a warning for not enough space when I download/install anything.

I couldn't fill up either of our phones if I tried.

What file viewer do you recommend to read the .rtf files that provide instructions within the Dropbox app?