DroidDoodle: Unicorny

This one goes out to all you Galaxy S III fakers out there.

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davemacd says:

Please stop running these cartoons. They have never ever ever ever ever been remotely funny.

mr nruz says:

(Edit: I'm not going to delete your entire comment, but I am going to edit the expletives. Let's all relax a little, and thanks for the support, though. -Phil)
keep up the doodles i like them. there funny

Then why the hell do you keep on reading them.Please stop making stupid posts as I see them to be very very very very very stupid.

What would make them funny for you? I'm always open to suggestions!

n0obpr0 says:

I found them funny =)


I find them funny too, especially the buttcrack ones.

I don't think they're funny but if other people enjoy them then what's the problem?

mr nruz says:

(I don't always edit comments, but when I do I edit out the blatant profanity. Come on man!
damn i wanna punch someone

haha sorry but i am having a really really terrible day

davedsone says:

I enjoy them. In the same way I enjoy a free ice cream cone, and don't complain when it's only vanilla. Buying a newspaper and seeing Blondie or Beetle Bailey, however, enrages me.