Verizon Motorola Droid X

Yeah, this Motorola Droid X video's a tad creepy (and doesn't actually show the phone), but it's also getting to be a little tough to contain our excitement. Peep it after the break. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

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sjcea says:

COOL !!!!! Can't wait !!!

josuearisty says:

Cant wait to see more ADS!

raulwelder says:

does anyone really know when this phone will come out cause i get my incredible tomm and if this phone is out fo july for sure ill send the incredible back and order the droid x. what cha think ?

yungakoo says:

Comes out 7/20 says at the end of the video

Actually, it doesn't. It just says 07.2010 (July 2010) not the 20th specifically. You must have looked too quick. :)

Kedar says:

It might come out soon. Assess both phones before you choose. They both have some different strengths.

Insp_Gadget says:

Reminds me of something you'd see in a Terminator movie. Pretty cool effect.

If you freeze says, "DROID Landing" "4.3" WVGA Screen" "HDMI Output" "8MP Camera"

gcims says:

good eye, zep! no pun intended.

Thanks! Though one correction it's actually @droidlanding for the twitter account, hey I was close.

mapexvenus says:

If anyone wants an Incredible, I will be selling mine soon after the X is available . I love the Incredible but am a gadget fiend and will be paying full price for the X.

gcims says:

I'm in the same boat but it's the screen killing me, as I work outdoors and cant read it. I love the phone otherwise. Please pass on my name after you sell yours to anyone left expressing interest. Thanks.

moosc says:

If it fixs all the incredible flaws poor 3g performance weak signal high battery use and unresponsive screen then I'm game and will buy it.HTC knows there a problem and all they care about is the eVo

getting tired of buying a new phone every 2 months lol, not really, i get bored easily

I'm mad I can't see the video I'm at work! well if you get a chance check out my blog mophomovementDotcom all photos were taken with the motorola droid which is my favvvvv!

moosc says:

Is it Wednesday yet? Is Phil or any one from AC going to the announcement?

ibegary says:

"We are the borg... resistance is futile"

mrcam216 says:

Does this phone have a front facing camera? Or is that the Droid 2? My brother's on Verizon. But personally, I dont think this phone is better than the HTC EVO baby! #TeamEvo!

rfmike says:

I think the Droid X Will give Evo 4g a run for its money.The Droid X doesn't have a front facing camera from what i have heard and seen.

KQCrackberry says:

Now is this official announcement Wednesday supposed to be the DX's official release (much like the iphone4 was introduced by steve jobs just two weeks before it was available for purchase) or an anouncement of when it should be released (December,2010 for instance)?

JP.Rocka says:

Yeah. I get my Incredible next week and the DX hopefully gets here on 7/19, Then I read they are phaseing out the DI, I will get the DI and exchange it 19 days later for the DX

JP.Rocka says:

Yeah. I get my Incredible next week and the DX hopefully gets here on 7/19, Then I read they are phaseing out the DI, I will get the DI and exchange it 19 days later for the DX

ObsidianGT says:

You were misinformed. Sounds like you read that on the Android Phone Fans website (phandroid), they updated their 06/20/10 article because the blogger was wrong.

What VZW is phasing out is an old SKU in favor of a new one with an updated box and an included 2GB memory card. The Incredible itself is here to stay until HTC decides to replace it with another Sense device (or they stop producing it).

Verizon is still advertising it:

TROMA says:

Droid X will be out on 7/19... Almost certain of that. We have a big VZW store refresh on 7/18 night... that can only mean one thing.......

KQCrackberry says:

By that time we might also have the D2..

UHF3 says:

Why is it that Moto gets the coolest comercials and HTC gets N-O-T-H-I-N-G???

sophi_psych says:

Because Moto is where it's at!

"All your base are belong to us"