Ok, now we all know that many BlackBerry users have converted to Android, but there are still some that carry both devices with them for whatever reasons they chose. In the past we have seen BlackBerry users replicate various Android OS's with their BeDroid theme, BeNexus theme, BeFroyo theme and now we have a XDroid theme which is a Droid X replica for the BlackBerry. While we all know that the theme can't bring the true Android experience to their BlackBerry device, it's a step in the right direction changing the look to the ever popular Android style. [via CrackBerry]


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Droid X theme makes its way onto BlackBerry devices


I agree, blackberry OS has always been slow and sluggish. I hated my storm and wanted to throw that phone through a wall. I suffered until the droid 1 came out. Unfortunately since BB's are best for businesses they are currently the best and secure for now for the business world.

My thoughts exactly, why go through all that trouble to make it look like a Droid X.......unless they are waiting to be eligible for an upgrade??? In a way some of these people are like all the Apple fanboys out there they don't want to part with their devices or admit that Android is so much better which will lead the way soon.

I absolutely love my DroidX. I could be any happier with a device. These guys did put a lot of time and effort into making this though. Props for that. It took me 2 years to finally switch to Android, never looking back.

Actually, coming from a Storm I can say that the robust theming ability helped keep the phone fun for quite a while after it's other traits had lost their charm. I can totally see some BB owners getting a kick out of this.

Ok we on android aren't any better with all the stupid iPhone skins and such. Why take a beautiful android device and ugly it up with an iPhone skin.

I'm sorry, no offense to the designer, but I say the same thing anytime I see something like this. Why don't you just buy that device? It goes for anything. I've seen iPhone themes on a Blackberry, vice versa, and goes for Android as well.

I had the droid unlock slide app for my storm. I can see why someone would get this for a bb. Some are itching to go droid but can't cause of business or that thing they call a two year contract. I left bb and haven't looked back yet. The droid x is da sh*t

Well as someone that does carry both, I can honestly say that Android has a long ways to go before theyare up to par with the BlackBerry implementation for Exchange support. So to all those saying "why not just get an Android?", that's just one of multiple reasons.

I also carry both, and will probably carry a BB for a few more years. I don't see Uncle Sam switching to Android soon. My personal one will probably disappear in Dec and I'll jump onto a Droid or a Win 7 model.
They (BB and Android) have their pros and cons. For security, you cannot beat the BB; thus why I'm issued one by Uncle Sam). For speed, it appears Android or Win 7 have the edge.
It's like comparing Chevy vs. Ford trucks; SIGs vs. Glocks, they all do the job, it is just a matter on how you want the job done.

How about Droid X theme for Original Droid\MileStone , can't find it any where ! even BlackBerry got it , but i can't find it for my own Droid\MileStone
My brother (who got a Curve 8900) will laugh at me
the reason that i haven't got a Droid X is because its CDMA only
I've found one in the market as a theme for ADW , its cool (better then the stock launcher) , but it doesn't look like it !!!
does any one knows where to find one ?

:) I am the developer for the XDroid theme for BlackBerry and also dev for Android and for multiple devices - I am the one on XDA who just threw up that slick black modded multi touch keyboard and black background gallery app - the WJD Designs team will be working on a rom so stay tuned - we are a team to watch :) @WJDDesigns <-- Twitter

Thanks for everyone not going to crazy on the device vs device haha

Hi Dev. This is me "going crazy on device vs device."

IMO Blackberry is worthless. Businesses might be adopting it for now, but that will change. Consumers who buy it immdiately recognize it's severe issues and jump ship as soon as they can. As a dev, you should be demanding more of RIM by refusing to work with BB os and demanding that RIM release a device (without the BB branding) that is geared towards consumers. The longer they try to trick themselves into believing that their device can do both, the faster their ship will sink. RIM needs to be nudged into the mindframe that Blackberry should not be their only product.

Come to the dark side. The water's warm. :0)

The funny thing is I am all over - I do ANDROID and BlackBerry! I am a master craftsmen :)

With me there is no side since I am EVERYWHERE!

And I do have an Android phone ;)