If you are still holding on to your Motorola Droid 2 or Motorola Droid X, and have been hoping and praying for a Gingerbread build, your prayers have been answered tonight. The folks at My Droid World have landed their hands on a leak, that brings an updated MotoBlur to the table, along with the OS update. So, if you have either of these devices, you can update to this leak, which is unfortunately not rooted currently. Both of the devices have been confirmed to be able to be downgraded via SBF if you want to at a later time to await the official. Delay no longer, and get to downloading. [Droid 2 / Droid X via MyDroidWorld]

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According to p3droid the new blur is his new launcher and way better. Ok gonna try it when I can get a chance to dl

Hovik818 says:

no root? looks like ima have to hold off the updating.

edit: what if i am already rooted will the root stay if i update?

goblueboy says:

no, you will always lose root on an update

Hovik818 says:

so that also mean that titanium backup will not backup all my apps will it?

eric6052 says:

No root means I will be waiting as well. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of improvements this will bring though.

dwt10 says:

no credit for me sending this in? :(

bxrider117 says:

I downloaded this rom without wiping. I was running Apex 1.41. Took a few minutes to boot up and I even had one loop but so far so hood. The new gingerbread keyboard is really nice.

Viper69#AC says:

so far so hood?? haha

Hovik818 says:

wait when u say there was one loop does that mean that you did have to wipe at some moment or did it just work itself out of it by itself?

loooney2ns says:

The gingerbread keyboard has been available for a long time over on XDA. There are even themed versions. I personally use a blue one.

thomashedd1 says:

How about Droid 2 Global??
And the comments are messed up and shifted, my user name is thomashedd but it will show up as something else, watch.

Jared DiPane says:

it showed correct, but no it will not work on the D2G, just the original D2

quiverskeep says:

You came in correctly on my screen.

thomashedd1 says:

Hmm idk why its doing it on my comp

hotkoko says:

I sure hope Droid pro get it, but I doubt it

Update for droid incredible please! Come on HTC usually ur faster at updates!

Just flashed it...I was running Apex 1.4.1 before...went into a bootloop..had to do the wipe...working just fine now...Blur is cleaner and tighter. Will update when i have had more time to play with it.

Droid hungry says:

So this is the same blur that will be on the bionic?

cgtyoder says:

"Still holding on to your Droid X"? It's 8 months old! Who has that much cash lying around to upgrade new smartphones every 6 months?

ShaneOryan says:

downloading now!! i love you moto and tbh!!!

tim242 says:


bladerunn3r says:

Wait I'm confused... if I'm running stock on my droidx, can I download this?

Jish92 says:

I downloaded the first link and was installing it. It was installing for about 10 minutes when it aborted for some sort of error. My phone was stuck on the boot logo and I tried pulling out the battery and whatnot. So now I have to restore it with the .sbf file and whatnot. Once it's fixed I'm definitely gonna try it again!

en28so says:

I wonder how long will it take for developers to find a way to root this thing? At least we have it.

loooney2ns says:

Root is very important. Programs like TiBu need root to run. If I had an X, I would wait until it was rooted.

phillyphreak says:

I would like to know this also. Can you dl this on a stock d2?

damnyankees says:

Sorry if this is a retarded question, but do I need to be currently rooted in order to download and install this leaked version?

Clak says:

Every time I see something like this it makes me just a little more pissed at Samsung. :(

IceDree says:

Good to know that both X & D2 will got Gingerbread & the new BLUR

dousenator says:

Any clue when the OTA will be available?