Droid Razr

Although it's not Ice Cream Sandwich update we're all waiting for, we've known for a while now the Droid RAZR was due for an update of some sorts -- and Verizon now has the details posted for all.


  • Mobile Hotspot will now successfully allow other devices to connect to all Internet websites.
  • Improvements in the Mobile Hotspot security. + VZ Navigator® has been updated with the latest 3D map improvements.

Visual Voice Mail Updates:

  • Visual Voice Mail messages can be marked as read.
  • Visual Voice Mail message playback resumes when audio is switched to speaker.
  • Visual Voice Mail will successfully subscribe or unsubscribe while connected with Wi-Fi.
  • Successfully press back key after playback in Visual Voice Mail without error.

Data Connectivity:

  • Improved stability of data connectivity after Airplane Mode is disabled. + Improved data throughput performance in low-signal 4G environments.

Device Operation:

  • Improved Battery life when using Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Bluetooth® headsets.
  • Successfully save multimedia ringtones.
  • Favorite Contacts widget has been updated.
  • Improved device stability when moving between home screen panels.
  • Email icon has been updated for improved visibility.
  • When performing an Over the Air (OTA) update, the display will correctly show the remaining download time.
  • CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service) feature has been added.

Aside from getting Android 2.3.6, you'll also get some VCast apps now pre-installed plus, MotoCast installation steps have been improved for ease of use.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Kris!

There are 14 comments

Klubhead says:

Y u no give us ICS?

fatboy97 says:

This is not the 2nd Qtr!!!

Cruiserdude says:

Awesome, looks like its the same file as the one that was leaked. Any word on when this will actually go OTA?

roscko says:

So large majority of the update basically fixes and improves the bloatware and Motoblur widgets and functionality which I've already disabled/frozen and replaced on my rooted Razr? Thanks but no thanks.

chefkeyser says:

So they're adding more bloatware with the update? Yikes Moto.

blueletter says:

yikes verizon*
motorola more than likely doesn't care about vcast apps

larrygeary says:

I can't wait to find out what nasty things they put in it and didn't tell us.

Bhorton#AC says:

Can we assume this update will also be for the RAZR Maxx?

metacuate says:

It is. Not assume, verizon released the same update note for both razr and maxx. And, I just applied the leak to my maxx and it works perfectly.

soXratys says:

Geez, I'm not having any of those issues on my RAZR™… then again, I'm not using Mobile Hotspot or VZ Navigator. I can flawlessly, though, mirror my phone's display and use my HD TV as a humongous monitor; great for web surfing, Netflix, Youtube, Watching videos and movies on MX Video Player Pro, etc. The only buggy thing I've encountered is the mousepad on the Lapdock 100 but, an external mouse takes care of that problem. I have no 4G connectivity problem so, can't figure that one out; could be isolated to certain geographic areas (I'm in 'NYC').

Godwellz says:

Any fix for for the CRAPPY battery life?

corypwrs says:

Yeah it's called the MAXX lol

metacuate says:

I just downloaded the leak (which has the exact same version number as the announcement), and I am getting double the 4g lte speeds I saw before (speedtest.net says I have 23.98Mbps down and 12.75 up)... and interestingly enough the Model now says explicitly "Droid Razr Maxx" where before it had only said "Droid Razr".

DROIDEd says:

I get GREAT battery life on my RAZER.