Droid Incredible Froyo quadrant benchmark

We're getting tons more info from you guys regarding the Droid Incredible Froyo update, which appeared in a leaked RUU this morning and is still expected (eventually) as an over-the-air update. Let's start with the Quadrant benchmark you see above. (Thanks, Jim!) It's certainly not the be all-end all of a phone's speed and power (and, yes, it can be manipulated), so take it for what it's worth.

Then we've got the full rundown of what's new in the update (straight from Verizon), including Adobe Flash Player 10.1 pre-installed, 720p video recording, Wifi 802.11n, and so on.

Droid Incredible Froyo updateDroid Incredible Froyo update

Plus, we've got a screen shot showing that the over-the-air push may begin tomorrow. (For what it's worth, that date also is confirmed by a tipster to Droid-Life.)

Droid Incredible update

And after the break, we've got even more screen shots (thanks again, Jim). And if you haven't already, see what everybody's saying about the update in our forums.

Droid Incredible Froyo updateDroid Incredible Froyo update

Droid Incredible Froyo updateDroid Incredible Froyo update

Droid Incredible Froyo updateDroid Incredible Froyo update

Droid Incredible Froyo updateDroid Incredible Froyo update


Reader comments

Droid Incredible Froyo update: Benchmark, full details, screenshots (Update: Plus, a possible OTA date)


The Real Deal Will be Nice!!!!! I'm thinking about doing the Ruu rom, but i dont want to root my phone.

You don't need to root. It's the flashing method used by techs. I did it earlier and I'm loving it. I was on the verge of rooting over the past few days but I'm glad I waited.

Looks like Big Red could use a proofreader... the headline on that Incredible Froyo spread reads "Looks like your HTC Droid Incredible just got more increBIBLE." (Maybe it's a subliminal relgious message?)

and then how about that horrible apostrophe abuse in the screenshot of the 2.2 update memo... "Customer's will begin to"

WTF VZW! The sad thing is the person(s) who committed these mistakes probably makes more than me...sigh

Mine came up just under the Droid X. Not bad 1128 for my Dinc with Froyo. I can only imagine the Droid X and the Samsung phones once they get Froyo.

I have said before that patience is key. I just hope this puts an end to all this FroYo release madness, since it's release is imminent, and we rejoice in the fact that we are get icing on our already sweet cake!

WOW your right, it can't be that far off now!!! That wasn't on there before so they must be getting ready to push it to us soon. Very promising observation!!!

...and on the VZW site, the Droid Inc feature set has been updated to include FROYO features....and it is now referred to as the OS being Android 2.2.....

"Customers will being to receive notifications as of Friday 8/27."

A ken eye will notice that they did not specify which year.

This is the first post in a while about the update that I'm actually hopeful for. Would be REALLY nice to see this actually happen. Truth be told, my Inc has been utterly fantastic on Eclaire and has surpassedmy expectations. It's had just as much usefulness and variety as my iphone ever had, and is much faster with a better screen. I'm looking forward to finally getting it that much faster with the new add-ons.

Good question. I would hope so, since all the roms out there seem to be off of pretty successful builds for froyo and they all pretty much talk about the same issues. Still, other than the JIT speed-up, one of my favorite lines on the VZW doc shown is "improved battery life". That one's huge for me.

Question, will existing Incredibles now work with 802.11n with 2.2? There's no hardware upgrade? Also, any word on "high priority" notifications with activesync?

Ahh, improved batt life. So, instead of 1/2 a day (with heavy data usage) should we get one whole day? That would be GREAT!

Does anyone understand how the roll out works and how long it takes them to distribute it to everyone? I'm guessing they don't do everyone at once, right? In what order do they go? Just curious.

Does anyone else think they postponed this update to take out the free wireless tethering? I think it funny that 3G mobile hotspot is up there....

Rooted ROMs have been consistently scoring in the 1300's. With a Kernel in the 1400's. Not impressed. But glad they finally got a 2.2 update to roll out to the people who won't/can't/don't now how to root there phones.

Here is my question. I know that if you manually install an update, it will wipe your phone. What about the OTA? Will the OTA wipe the phone after you update? I really don't want have to download all my apps all over again.

Reception doesn't get better with N. Just faster due to multiple channels being used. In reality its a shorter ranged format since it can't penetrate walls as easily as G.

I've asked that question before, and the best guess-answer I've seen is that they possibly do it by area code, and use concentrations of active phones in those codes to determine how and to whom the updates get pushed out, controlling demand for the necessary bandwidth. But I would love to get an actual definitive answer.

As an Evo owner, I am so happy for you all! Though I am glad my Evo is rocking 2.2, I'll admit that you all should have had it first. It is about time that the Evo's older sibling got its helping of the FroYo.

Well, it's been the 27th for me for about an hour now, and a little frozen yogurt sounds good :-)

Very deft of Verizon to debunk a rumored OTA because they are delivering earlier than the (latest) rumored date! :)

Imminent arrival of Froyo is very good news! But...(c'mon, you knew there was a "but" coming...) One of the main reasons I was interested in Froyo is for voice dialing over bluetooth. I live in a state that will require hands-free use of cellphones this year. I did not see voice dialing over bluetooth listed as one of the new features on the Verizon support page. I did see a vague reference to the use of bluetooth with Visual Voicemail, but since I use Google Voice, I don't use Visual Voicemail anymore. Anyone have any wisdom on this??

Also, I noticed that Vz Navigator is coming preloaded with the OTA. What's up with that?? I'm fine with Google Nav (even if it does seem to be perpetually stuck in beta forever). I hope this is not some trial version that will start bugging us to pay $9.99 per month later on...

I was not happy to see as an "enhancement" a "new, improved City ID" app. The only improvement in City ID I am interested in is the option to DELETE. Somehow, I don't think that will be an option. I do see another round of nagging to upgrade with this "improvement." Ah well, even in the land of Froyo goodness, a little rain must fall, I guess.