Droid Incredible 2 marketing

Can you taste the Droid Incredible 2 just yet? Cause it's getting ever so close. Nick1020 in the Android Central Forums slipped in a few pics of marketing materials that are being unwrapped today. Still no word on when the phone will actually be released -- or even announced -- but it's definitely getting closer.

Oh, and note that we've got even more confirmation now on the DInc 2 being a world phone, eh? [Android Central Forums]

Droid Incredible 2 marketing

Droid Incredible 2 marketing

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juanzr1 says:

First, hurry you guys are slow

juanzr1 says:

Anyways this is a nice looking phone, but id get the droid charge over it

cmorty72#AC says:

I've got to get a hands on before I make any type of judgements on this droid.

I still really want the Merge but all the Dinc2 stuff is interesting. Gonna be a tough couple of weeks for me, especially once Dinc2 releases and the Verizon Merge still has nothing official going other than rumors and partial pictures. It's like damned Bigfoot.

Sugrat says:

I just really need a world phone and at the moment the Dinc2 looks better than the Droid 2 global...

TBolt says:

+1 finally - an HTC Droid global.