Motorola Droid Bionic

Pop quiz: Which one of the following is true about the upcoming maintenance update for the Motorola Droid Bionic:

  1. It'll likely be out by the end of the year.
  2. It'll likely be out by Christmas.
  3. It's coming in the next 30 to 60 days.
  4. Nobody really knows when it's coming.

You're right. It's a trick question. Moto Matt, everybody's favorite Motorola support forums manager, this afternoon dropped the following regarding the Bionic:

I know everyone is eager for updated software. We have been working diligently on a software update for DROID BIONIC and have a version in the testing stage; we expect to deliver it to users in 30 to 60 days. The update is targeting issues identified through owner feedback and we’re confident it will improve device performance.

Presumably we'll see one of those "soak tests" when things are really ready to roll. Stay tuned.

Source: Motorola support forums; via Droid Bionic Forums


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Droid Bionic maintenance update coming ... eventually


Seeing as how he's a forum manager and not an engineer, I doubt he really knows exactly when it's coming out. He's just repeating what he was told. I say the answer is still D!

well i dont have a bionic but i hope they address the slow camera i read about, because if they do my next phone might be a moto, the razr intrigues me alot.

well most of us just get a camera app from the market, that takes better pictures silly fast and has more options than any OEM camera.

I finally bought a camera app because the stock camera failed miserably when I needed it most! Now that the camera issue has been remedied by me (no thanks to Moto), onward to dealing with 3G/4G/no G connectivity and also to a new problem of the Bionic deleting apps!

I've already called vz twice and each time they troubleshoot then tell me to wait for the fabled white buffalo update coming soon.

"When will then be now?"

Not soon enough Moto. I'm about chuck this POS.

i doubt that any maintenance update can remedy the amount of hate i've acquired for the bionic due to the bugs that it [update] is set out to repair.

I had a Motorola Bionic for 2 weeks (Costco deal) and returned it at the end of that window. At the return, I had them reactivate my Blackberry Bold. That might give you an idea of how much I hated the Bionic.

The Bionic screen is perfectly awful, the audio out is crackly on speaker and has a ground loop hum on headphones, battery life is poor, and installed apps disappear, camera is unusable (and singled-out for mockery at the iPhone launch), to name a few reasons.

I predict the Bionic will effectively be off the market by Dec. 31.

I have never had ANY of these problems you speak off.. and black berryy EGGHHHH. cmon. If anything the only problem I ever had was camera taking a few seconds to focus and snap the pic sometimes, but thats it.

Other design things I don't like are were the charging port is and I wish it had a camera button. Other than that, its much better than my EVO 4G

You seem to be in the minority then. A lot of Bionic users I've seen online have all been complaining about those exact same issues. IMO Motorola should of scrapped the Bionic especially since they KNEW they were working on the RAZR and would end up releasing it a few weeks after the Bionic.

I am a Bionic user and well I can agree with the previous statement. The Camera is a Joke, the Screen is a Joke and most important the Data issue is a Complete Joke. 80% of the day I dont have any data at all, no LTE or 3G. I called verizon and all they did was a factory reset and of course that didnt fix anything lol

I have never experienced any of these problems either. The only thing I don't like is the slow picture taking. I just saw a couple posts earlier mention of an ap to speed it up. Am heading to the ap drawer right now.

I agree in that, contractual obligation be damned, they should have scrapped the Bionic altogether in favor of waiting for the Razr. But I guess VZW wanted something to fill the small gap in time .

Lots of data connectivity issues need to be fixed it seems especially with 4G.

I have bionic. The battery life is ok. But the 3g data issue sucks! 4g works fine (when i can find some in NH). Camera is annoying taking pics of kids, they don't like to sit still till it focuses. I don't use headphones much, but have experienced the "hum".

Sure, my bionic isn't perfct, some probs switchng to 3G. Blazing fast 4G, best GPS on the planet, great phone coverage, exclnt screen res. Hpe nxt SW upgrd fxes few prblms.

Areas where 3G and 4G are competing is an issue VZW tells me the update will fix that. No guarantee the Razor wont have the same issue at first. Being my first 4G phone pleasantly surprised to see the amount of 4G coverage in southern NH and Northern Mass. The phone is blightening fast and I love it. About the camera, I use a camera app from the market, stock camera control not too desirable. Plenty of nice free camera apps.
Loaded with SPB 3D launcher this phone kicks butt, very happy, can't say I have any of the problems mentioned in some of these comments. Sounds good, works great, battery life for LTE is great. Yes, if you are in an area with poor data it will suck your battery dry trying to sync. I bought the extended battery but gave it back, the original one suffices, with a charger at home and at work and in the car I am covered. Shy of the 3G 4G intermittent switching issue, which hoping it will be fixed soon, I highly recommend!! Although now that Razor is coming and its a bit faster why not wait for that, i think it has a non replacable battery though....

I've had my Bionic for a week now. I have to say I have not had any problems at all with it..(knock on wood). Maybe some problems are hit and miss. It is very different from my other phone (Palm Pre+) so I'm still in awe of the speed. Very happy so far.

The people that are having these issues (like myself) live in areas where 4G is not that great and have the extended coverage area. If in your in this type of'll have the same exact problems. The only solution from Verizon was to replace the SIM card which will only fix the problem for a week or two and HOPE that the update comes soon.

I have had the intermittent 3G/4G connectivity issue and after having read the Motorola forums am shocked and saddened that Motorola is not at least doing an OTA upgrade to remedy this critical issue!

Why wait to try to fix "everything" when issues should be prioritized.

All the forum users comments have been given lip service - especially by the moderator "Matt" who continues to keep the company line "It's not that bad, really - just wait a little bit longer and...

For a $300.00 phone and what Verizon advertises as the BEST 4G phone on the market?


Anyone successfully rooted and fixed this connectivity problem?

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

My Bionic smokes my T-Bolt and every other phone I've owned PERIOD!

And to go back to a blacberry?? Bwhahahaah FOOL!

And you can have your draconian iphone clone Razr. No replaceable battery?? NO DICE !!

the only issues that i have had is slow camera (fixed by getting a new camera app with in days) and the occasional "lost app" thing. that seems to be well above average with any new major release these days.

there is no way i would go back to my BB over this phone, i dont think that i have had to remove my battery once since i got this phone, not to mention an over eight second boot time for the four or five times a week that the battery did need to be pulled

The Bionic is the worst phone I hvae used. I have a class action suit starting against them. My attorney profits, I don't. Motorola has gone down fast since the original fliphone razr. Oh well. It will cost Motorola and Verizon millions. Nothing to me. But a lot to my firm.I had $20 invested in this lawsuit already, 20K is nothing to me. Money is not a problem. It is a slap on the wrist. And the judge will approve it, I have the inside scoop. Just think, if Motorola had really tested this Bionic phone, we would not be in this mess. They might of been pushed by Verizon. Anyway, good luck if you have a Bionic phone that works. I've alread pulled the battery 34 times to get it back.

If the Bionic software isn't what Moto and vz promise, I'm going to complain to vz until I get a different model phone. Heck, I would take a Samsung Charge. I paid $300 for this POS, and I'm a slave to its fickleness: it connects when it wants to, the camera works when it wants to, my apps get deleted when it decides to - thanks Moto and vz!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I must be one of the Bionic owners that's having a lucky streak with mine, I love it!

There again, I came off a Droid2 that had been through the war, so to speak, and its operation was aggravating to say the least... Thus I'm still in the "grass is greener" phase for the most part. Two minor issues with an otherwise great device:

1) Battery life on standard battery is terrible. MUST HAVE extended life battery to make a full workday without being charged if you use it heavily like I do.

2) (software) - My Bionic has a nasty habit of pinging the tower nearest itself to establish a 4G linkup... even if said linkup is already in place and, say, streaming video or something. It'll take the cell antenna offline and try to reinitialize the unit without *actually* taking it offline first, is my guess... Not certain, but seems to fit the behavior.

Other than that, this phone rocks and I'm looking forward to the new SW release in 30-60 days. :)