Droid Bionic Droid Does

Now this is interesting. The Droid Bionic has finally gone up on Verizon's Droid Does page, and there's some hidden material waiting to be unlocked. And who has the codes? A few of your favorite blogs. Along with Boing Boing, BGR and Joystiq, we've been tasked with helping unlocked whatever VZW's got cooped up behind there.

Looks like we've at least got some video waiting for us all. And don't worry, we'll get to work on this soon enough.

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Droid Bionic finally on Droid Does site, needs help from us lowly bloggers


You really expect us to believe Verizon put the AC name on their site without any conversation with Smartphone Experts? Doing so would be a violation of your own "Terms and Conditions". Maybe you personally didn't know, but someone did.

Every single blogger cited should mention in clear BLOCK LETTERS that the phone announced is NOT the Samsung Galaxy SII that everyone wants!

I really want to see this "reaching out to bloggers" backfire big.

Who are you to say that the GSII was what everyone wanted? I don't particularly want another Samsung device ever again, due to a long list or reasons I griped about with my initial Galaxy S purchase.

Hopefully it's details on the Droid HD or Prime. That's what I need to know about before pulling the trigger on the Bionic. If they're really coming within the next two months, especially the HD, then I can't see any reason to get the Bionic.

I love stuff like this, and why all the complaining. Have a little patience its like by them doing interactive things like this and getting the community involved is a bad thing, or delaying the release of the Bionic.

You're kidding about the "have a little patience" part right? All we've had is patience. People might be more more willing to tolerate a cool marketing campaign the brings in bloggers if this happened months ago. With still no official release date or final specs, the time for patience is over.

Looks like there is a countdown until noon EDT in the flash. Is that when they will finally announce it as Official Official. And give us the exact specs on it? Guess we will have to wait and see.

I want to pre order this thing either at 12am tonight or at least before 2pm tomorow. Make it happen Verizon! Please!

Overnight shipping and I will have it on Friday!! My OG Droid is almost dead!!!

The choice of blogs, IMO, is a major fail with the notable exception of AndroidCentral. WTF is a "Boingboing" or "Joystiq" blog? They appear to be devoted to video games and comic books? And BGR? Come on!?! That fricking unabashed hater of Android and lover of iOS? When Jobs' latest version of iOS was announced, all they posted for over a week was how "superior" (their word, not mine) it was to Android and all other OS flavors, and how the others could never hope to catch up. Everything they post is biased against Android. I stopped following Gellar and BGR on Twitter and stopped reading their site - I got too disgusted.

HORRIBLE choice of blogs, VZW! Horrible! Here's the adjusted list you should have used (assuming you need 4):

Droid Life

If you could use 5, I would have thrown in Engadget as well.

Therein, you shall find your lovers of Android and all things involving the Bionic. Therein, you shall find your future customers for this handset. Please do some actual research next time. Jeez.

>WTF is a "Boingboing" or "Joystiq" blog?

Joystiq is Engadget's video-game focused sister site. (Yeah, why them instead of Engadget is beyond me.) Don't ask me what BoingBoing is, but if Cory Doctorow contributed a few pieces for them, they must be alright.

BGR was nice enough to post his code and it unlocks 52% of the video. The video is just a ad for the AR app and hunt. While half was blocked out, what was shown didn't have anything of value to most.

I put in the code for BGR, and it said 23% (could be coincidental with 1000 other people + BGR trying to do the same)... Looks like someone at Joystiq entered their code, bringing it up to 52%...

The only useful piece of information from the video was that there were 768 chances to win...

i think the 768 is in reference to the amount of ram? ram usually goes: 256, 512, 768, 1024, etc... Maybe? I hope tis wrong and it is just a random # cause i was hoping for 1gb (1024)

Yay lets help it backfire and point out all the wrong verizon has done and stab them for it, may seem harsh but if theyre reaching out then by the feedback they will be less inclined to fuck up as much as they have with this phone ever again and with any other phones to come