R2 Droid2

Recipe for win -- 1 part newest Android phone, the Droid 2, and 1 part Star Wars' most memorable character, R2-D2.  Mix well, prepare for the onslaught of people like me who will do just about anything to throw our money at you so we can have one.  And to tease us until we explode, Verizon has gone live with the R2-Droid2 teaser page.

Taking a cue from the X, it looks like this page has some locked content as well.  The site says to follow R2 on Twitter to unlock details, @droidlanding.  Why would anyone want to worry about unlocking content on a phone's launch page?  Two words -- Jedi Training.  We're following, you guys follow too, and whoever gets portions unlocked first has to tell the rest of us -- deal? [Verizon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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sumyunguy says:

No one ever got any farther than that Transmission Log on the DroidX Page did they?

chefkeyser says:

Damn, I JUST left Verizon. Maybe Sprint and HTC can get together with Joss Whedon and make us a Firefly phone...Yeah right. I mean, I'll say the same thing I said eighteen years ago; I want an R2-D2 phone.

phynal says:

Wow, why can't pics of this thing leak out, enough of the plain old Droid2 already.

likwidsoul says:

This is the Droid 2.

trock70 says:

Dammit I just missed the call from R2D2!

remixfa says:

It just proves what we've all been saying. people buy apple as a status symbol. Women that are worried about status give it up more easily than those that re not worried about status

moises1204 says:

come oooooon epic.

thegov says:

Well I think this harkenss back to one of ac's previous stories about sex and Android....or maybe lack of it.

ShaneOryan says:

droid 2 > GS epic


spinkick says:

This is the droid we are looking for.

anthonok says:

I WAS gonna get a droid x...

s2h2golf says:

Based on the design in the upper left, it looks like this phone will come with a docking station that looks like R2's legs. The design on the back with the camera lens as R2's eye looks pretty cool. Too bad I have ATT...

arundc says:

George Lucas, right about now, is going.............KACHINGGGGGGGGGG