Motorola Droid 2 Global

Ol' Moto Matt just dropped word this morning that the Droid 2 Global (that's the GSM/CDMA world phone edition of the Droid 2 that was swapped in shortly after the phone's release) can now get its Gingerbread update. Just go to Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates to snag yours.

Source: Motorola Support forums; more Droid 2 forums; Thanks, Tim!

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Mike_is_Mike says:

I'm thrilled.

turbofan says:

A friend of mine will definitely be thrilled!

elsewhere says:

R2D2 is not feeling the love.

Vorpal_Droid says:

Ohhhh I am stoked... it's currently not available at the moment but I'm sure it will take... time how did the soak tests go?

moosc says:

Where's the thunderbolt GB love?