Droid 2 Global at Costco

Remember how the Droid 2 Global had a couple of SKU numbers on that leaked Verizon rebate sheet? Looks like that's because it's going to be available in a couple of colors, according to Costco's inventory system. There's the white version that we've already seen, plus traditional black. As for exactly when it's going to drop? We're still expecting sometime in the fourth quarter. [BGR]

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moosc says:

Hmmm what is that ewok Dvd? That peaked my interest.

kismet769 says:

LOL, the nerd in me saw that right away :)

dgdave#AC says:

Looks like a dvd to me

thedan862 says:

Can't wait for this fone to drop so i can get a white one for myself.

Papadakis says:

I hope BL = Black

chief113 says:

I can't wait for the Moto Olympus on ATT!!!

intheb0x says:

lol, whos getting the dvd?!?!


dougeetx says:

Was the ewok Droid dvd part of the promotion for the star wars Droid phone?

feardunn says:

Please remove the Costco inventory screen picture from your site. This is not public information.