The Motorola Droid 2 is a rather durable device on its own, but does that mean that you want to carry it around unprotected, leaving it exposed to the elements and potential damage? If you are someone who likes to protect your device with a slim, stylish, professional looking case, the Seidio Innocase Surface may be a good choice for you. Let's look at it a little more after the break.


This case, which is made of a hard plastic with a thin rubbery coating over it, is a rather durable, low profile, and adds nearly no weight to the device. The rubber-style coating on the device not only adds protection in case the device was dropped, but also allows for better handling while the device is in your hands.  The case itself adds next to no bulk to the device, and after about 10 minutes of use I could barely tell that it was still on the phone.


While the case is on the slim side, it does not lack in build quality in the least. The tabs that hold the case to the device are sturdy, so if you need to remove and install the case there should be no worries about potentially breaking one of these, as long as you are reasonably careful. On the case that I have I did notice that the back piece had a little bit of vertical play, meaning that the case was able to slide up and down just a bit, but it did not feel as though it would fall off, or shake itself loose. The cutouts for the headphone jack, volume rocker, and the charging port allow for easy access whenever usage is needed.


If you are looking for a nice solid, slim, professional looking case the Seidio Innocase Surface is a great choice for you. For $29.95 from the Android Central Store, the protection and style added to your device by this case makes it money well spent.


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Droid 2 Case Review: Seidio Innocase Surface


I hope this is a better designed case than the one I got for my OG Droid. The clips broke off during the first few months. Customer Support from Seidio was underwhelming.

I bought one of these Seido cases for my Droid2 and wasn't very satisfied. Some of the tabs that hold the case over the lower part of the phone broke after dropping the phone onto carpet from maybe two-three feet above the floor (I was sitting on the floor). The case feels cheep and chintzy. I then got a Body Glove case, it is way more rugged and really stays on the phone. The Body Glove case is a lot heavier and bulkier, but it really does its job of protecting the phone, including staying securely fastened even when dropped on concrete from about 5 up. The BG case just feels more rugged and solid, not chintzy like the Seido one.

I entered a comment about my positive experience with this product but a notice popped up that it suspected my comment was spam. It gave me the opportunity to explain why it was not, so that the spam filter could be improved. I did that, but that was several days ago, and it's still not here. Perhaps Androidcentral is only interested in negative comments about products. Readers should take heed of this bias.