Droid DNA

The HTC Droid DNA debuted on Verizon today, and I know a lot of people are saying goodbye to their current phone and have pre-ordered this beauty. There's a lot to love with its amazing screen (and I'm not talking pixels here) and speedy innards, and that transitions well to the smooth lines and quality materials used on the outside. It should be one heck of a phone. 

Of course, the way things work on Verizon is that plenty of people who did pre-order get their phone on release day, and the DNA is no exception. The forums are filling with excited people posting thoughts and opinion of their new baby, and that's always worth checking out. And you'll definitely want to read what Phil thinks of the DNA in his review (spoiler alert -- I can tell he likes it) as well.

If you're waiting to grab this one, or just curious, the Droid DNA forum is the place to be. Jump in and join the fray, or just lurk and read -- either way you'll be glad you did.

Anyone get theirs  [DNA] yet?


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Did you get your Droid DNA today? [From the Forums]


How much storage is user available? My only concern is that there will be problems when storing 1080p content.

so 16gb is enough for u then? wish it was for me but just cant own a iphone like Android device meaning no sd slot no removing battery no sale

If some one gets tired of their DNA ill trade 2 for 1 HTC OneX 2 weeks old pristine cond, Moto Atrix2 Pristine also. Pm me or hit me up on Plume

Got two in our store today, was anxious to try the camera.

I was very surprised to find that it sucked! I was taking a bunch of pics in store, and I was looking thru settings to see why the pics sucked so bad...Phil wouldn't lie...would he???

Turned phone over...plastic wrapper still on