The Sprint Zone  

Sprint made an important announcement this morning, with the news that they are giving their customers a free app called The Sprint Zone.

The Sprint Zone is aimed at making life easier for Sprint users. This app includes:

  • My Sprint - tools and information for customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, view voice, text and data usage
  • My Sprint News - keeps customers informed and engaged with up-to-date news and information to enhance their wireless experience
  • Suggested Apps - highlights useful applications in a variety of categories
  • Phone Tips and Tricks - videos and information about how to use their device

The Suggested Apps portion is especially important to Sprint and they are calling for developers to submit their apps for consideration. They are looking for all kinds of apps, but especially those that "make connection, productivity, and entertainment real for millions of mobile phone users."

They are also looking for innovative apps that make use of the 4G speeds with the Evo and soon the Epic. Featured apps always attract a large audience, so if you're a developer looking for a great opportunity to reach a wide audience, check out the announcement and submit your app. [Sprint]


Reader comments

Developers, get your app featured in The Sprint Zone


I was just wondering when Sprint was releasing this app and will I be able to download it from the market? This app would be very useful to me and I'm sure plenty of other sprint customer's. I'm very excited to hear that they are in the midst of bringing this to us.

My Evo came with it...but the best thing about it is you can buy apps from this and they will charge your account not your card. Its a lot more convenient.

Is it only available on certain phones? How would a Hero user go about getting it? I can't find a link for it.

Yeah this is already on the Evo. The thing I don't like as stated previously is that it doesn't show your account usage information in app, it takes you to their mobile site.