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T-Mobile customers in parts of Europe will get home screen widget in 2014

Twitter and Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications giant behind T-Mobile, have entered into a strategic partnership that'll give the microblogging service more prominence on certain T-Mobile Android devices in parts of Europe. Under the agreement Twitter will "create a unique experience for Deutsche Telekom devices," including what sounds like a Twitter home screen widget preloaded on certain Android handsets from 2014. In return DT will get "early access to new tools and innovations on the technical side" and help with integrating Twitter into its marketing campaigns, according to a statement given to GigaOM, potentially giving the company a leg-up over the local competition.

The agreement will initially cover only Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Greece and Croatia — a small subset of Deutsche Telekom's global reach. But as recent stats from PeerReach reveal, Germany in particular is an important market Twitter has yet to fully conquer, with just 1 percent market penetration in that country versus 11 percent in the UK.

Source: Deutsche Telekom; via: GigaOM, PeerReach


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Deutsche Telekom and Twitter enter strategic partnership


WTF bloatware? I hope this widget can be deleted and that this is not a future trend where carriers pimp out your personal display real estate for cash payoffs where your screen ends up looking like a NASCAR car filled with ads. Impossible? I hope so.

If they start doing this, it'll kill off Android. Most people are not going to want to Root and ROM a brand new phone just to get rid of this crap.