Delta Android app

The Fly Delta Android app has gotten a cool little update with a few new features, some of which you can use every time you fly, and some we hope you never have to use. Probably the most useful addition is the ability to pay for checked bags when check in on the app -- a necessary evil, unfortunately, but at least Delta's making it easier. And under the "hope you never have to use it" category is the ability to track your checked baggage from your phone. Delta's also added more technical information about the planes in its fleet (very cool for airplane buffs), and expanded airport maps, transit details, weather info and Sky Club locations -- perfect for frequent travelers.

We've got download links for ya after the break.

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Reader comments

Delta Air Lines Android app updated with baggage tracking, fleet info


What they need is an app to track the little GPS device(s) you need to place in your luggage so that you can locate it after the idiots loose it!

Delta is notoroius for sending your baggage to a different state.

I've never had Delta send my baggage to the wrong airport (Medallion since 2007), but I have had them not get my bag onto my connecting flight and had to pick up my bag at the airport after the next flight comes in.

And in the end run, your bag is still lost on the conveyor belts from hell. And what???

You're still in Burma, your bag is, well, somewhere (but not at your current location).

Your app says it's going to Burma, as we "all" can read the 3 digit destination when they put the tag on. At least most folks know what their designation code is. Heck, it's on their ticket.

The fact of the matter, a lost or mis-transported bag, is just that. And what good is the app going to do? Tell you your bag isn't where it's supposed to be??? Heck, we already know that.

Just pack your phone IN the bag, then use one of the several Apps that tells you where your phone is. Problem solved.