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Most people have forgotten about the Dell Streak 7. Even Dell has given up on the devices. That doesn't mean that enthusiastic users aren't going to keep supporting it, and that's evidenced today by a user on XDA Forums that has ported CM10.1 to the device. That's right, we're seeing Android 4.2.1 running on the Dell Streak 7, and nearly everything is working. It will obviously be bottlenecked by some low-end specs at this point, but the only portions of the ROM not functional are the camera and external microphone.

If you happen to have one of these laying around and want to give it a shot at some Jelly Bean goodness, head to the source link below and try it out. The folks working on this development could surely use some more testers to help out.

Source: XDA; More: Dell Streak Forums


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Dell Streak 7 gets unofficial CM10.1 build


The device is working near flawless with the update. I wanted to include the devs on this since they were not listed in the article above. They have put in countless hours of work on it and continue to. Those of us who have a Streak7 appreciate immensely all that they have done.

DerArtem - CM10.1 Port
Giveen - CM10 Port / Kernel Updates
Geramy - Sound and other fixes.
DJ_Steve - Sound idea that worked

I live in the UK and have a Streak 7 3.2. My son has informed me about the work being done on this unofficial upgrade. Awesome in that we are not forgotten, much respect to all concerned who are working on this.