Dell Aero gets FCC approval 

It's getting closer.  First the Dell Aero showed up on AT&T's website (with all the normal Google services!), now we see that the FCC has approved it for use in the United States.  Nothing we didn't already know spec-wise, but the green light has been given and AT&T can start selling them whenever they are ready.  Of course no word on when it will be available or any pricing particulars, but rest assured as soon as we know you'll find it here.

With all the other Dell Android news and rumors, is it too little too late?  To me this looks like a great introductory-level phone for people new to the Android platform, or the perfect handset for those who need a smaller, lighter phone.  Let us know what you think in the comments.  [FCC via Engadget]


Reader comments

Dell Aero passes through the FCC approval process


*Shrugs Shoulder* Okay, there is one huge problem, it's going to At&t. I am no longer surprised by the bonehead decisions folks make in product and development. Dell could have waited a few months and had a 4G device, had they pitched it to Sprint. As it turns out, the Aero will be another under achieving device on At&t, because At&t is still licking Apple butt.

Meh. 624 Mhz Marvell processor which screams substandard and last generation. Oh well maybe next Android phone AT&T gets will get it right.