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Today is the day Android fans!. CYBER MONDAY. The BIGGEST online shopping day of the year is here. If you've been itching to buy something from ShopAndroid, today is your day to do it!

All day Monday, and going right up until Tuesday midnight, you can save 25% on ALL Android cases and accessories at If you haven't visited our store for a while, be sure to click over and take a browse. We have everything you could want for your Android device, and then some. The selection is HUGE: cases, chargers, screen protectors, memory cards and more... you name it, you can buy it from our awesome store. 

To take advantage of the Cyber Monday savings, all you need to do it use coupon code CYBER13 during the checkout process. It's as simple as that. 


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Cyber Monday is here! Save 25% on ALL Android accessories at ShopAndroid!


There should be a permanent discount on all BB related products as who would buy a phone with about 1000 apps

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

I used Moto maker around 6 a.m. is morning and saved what I had done just to see what would happen. Logged back in after 7 using the email they sent me, $499.99 + tax out the door.

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