CM 10.1

The CyanogenMod team has started cranking out 10.1 nightly images for a select group of devices, and for many it may be the only way to get Android 4.2 on your phone or tablet. Built off the 4.2.1 AOSP code base, CyanogenMod brings a stock Android look with plenty of customizations to separate it from the vanilla Android experience. 

Phones and tablets currently being supported with 10.1 nightly builds are:

  • GSM Galaxy Nexus
  • Sprint Galaxy Nexus
  • Verizon Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7 (Wifi)
  • Nexus 7 (HSPA+)
  • Nexus 10
  • Transformer Infinity TF700
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Galaxy S (some models)
  • Galaxy S II (some models)
  • Galaxy S III (some models)

That's a nice list of supported devices, and we're sure it will grow every day. If you're currently a user, you know where to go and what to do, but if you haven't tried it just yet, hit the forums with any questions and give it a whirl.

Source: CyanogenMod

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randyw says:

Running 10.1 on my Play Store Gnex. It's still missing some features but so far I like it.

Ronnie2 says:

The nightly for the AT&T Galaxy S3 (d2att) is working pretty well. A few noticeable bugs with camera/gallery I've come across so far but its not a deal breaker.

Remember guys, these are experimental nightly builds so they aren't perfect. If you can't deal with a few bugs then please stick to the stable version of CM10!

The Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) gets 10.1 nightlies from now on too.

sakasune says:

What happened to the mark as spam button?

TauSigmaNova says:

Running it on my Nexus 4- Missing some features but it's nice and stable!

asd216 says:

The epic 4g touch got left in the dark as usual.

Floss82 says:

Patiently waiting for Sensation and Galaxy Note 10.1 to get included in CM10.1 as well:)

imjohnh says:

Pawitp, you da man!!

jahsun says:

Flashed on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Works well. But camera doesn't work. I use CameraFX though, and that works fine. And they took away the ability to rearrange and add buttons to the bottom nav bar.

drache713 says:

I installed on d2att and everything works great except I have far less internal storage on stock jelly bean I'd have around 12 GB free but on cm10.1 I have around five like in this screenshot below, any ideas?

mauigta says:

Does it work for the sprint version Galaxy S3?

da_niel says:

Really hoping the Note II gets added to the list.

bearmacerick says:

Love it so far. None of the stability or fc's that anyone else is reporting. Only problem for me is the alarm wasn't able to be snoozed this morning. I had to go to settings - apps and force stop the app. Verizon galaxy nexus.

hunleyd says:

did you clear clock data like they advised in their announce? it worked fine for me on my vzw gnex

TechGuy21 says:

Sure would be nice to have something for the Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710)!!! (Hint, hint)