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CyanogenMod 10 development continues apace, and if you've been following the progress of CM10 for your favorite device, you'll know that nightly builds and unofficial "KANG" releases aren't always the most stable or reliable. As such, the CM team has stepped in with a new type of release for the popular custom firmware -- "m-series" builds.

Typically "M" in the context of software refers to "milestone" -- M1 would be milestone one, and so on. However, the CM team says it doesn't have anything specific in mind as to what its M builds will stand for, just that they're meant to be more stable than nightly builds, and more frequent than beta builds. Currently, they're rolling out at the start of each month.

So the first CM10 M1 builds that are rolling out today should give owners of certain devices the chance to enjoy a more stable Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod experience while we wait for the first official beta builds to appear. The current M1 builds are available now for 18 phones -- primarily Samsung devices. These include various flavors of Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. There are also builds for the AT&T Galaxy Note, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Acro and Xperia S. The team says more devices will be added as things become more stable.

To pick up CyanogenMod 10 M1 for one of these devices, head on over to the download link below.

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CyanogenMod 10 'M1' builds released


It's pretty sweet. Very very smooth. My only issue is I have a Evo LTE and I can't pry myself away from the Sense camera. I keep a backup of it on my phone. Now it's even harder because, I have the sense 4:5 camera.

M should stand for monthly its so clear it smacks me in the face "they're rolling out at the start of each month. Or they can just leave as milestone or Release Candidate because its the same exact thing.

I have been flashing the nightly builds to my Verizon Gnex(Toro) and they have been stable. I havn't had any major issues. If this is more stable go flash it now, if you have been holding off on the nighlies.

I wonder how well this would be if the inspire still got love from the cm team and how much better android would be if Google recruited some of the key developers of the cm to the next integration of android a pipe dream but still I can dream can't I?

HTC abandoned the Desire HD/Inspire 4G. CM had nothing to do with it. Which is why I dumped my Inspire and HTC and got a Play Store Galaxy Nexus.

Well, I've got Jelly Bean on my Inspire, thanks to the XDA community. Also, it's not just CM--there's also an AOKP version, as well.

Both versions work very well on the Desire HD/Inspire 4G, albeit some bugs here and there.

HTC had to to dump the DesireHD/Inspire 4G.. hardware becomes a issue.. which is why i think Google need to set some rules or requirements when OEMS decide to make these phones.. but then again you can't keep up with the way hardware is always getting better and better each day..But i guess the whole 18 months upgrade time period helps some where.. the DesireHD is a 2 year old phone..