Add some style to your Moto G with the best looking Android out there – after Lloyd, anyway


This Cruzerlite case for the Moto G brings together protection and Android style. After all, after our own Lloyd, there's only one other good lookin' Android. The Bugdroid Circuit case adds a little Android character to the back of your Moto G while keeping it safe from bangs, drops and scratches.

The silicon construction means it's pretty straight forward to get your phone in, while ensuring that it's plenty snug enough when it is. There isn't any reinforcement going on with the Cruzerlite, but the sides feel sturdy and wrap around onto the front of the phone just enough to give peace of mind when you lay it face down.

All your phone's ports and buttons have their own cutouts, which I really like in particular for the volume rocker and power button. When cases cover them up you lose some of the feel and have to push quite hard, so I'm happy that Cruzerlite left them open.

And that's about all there is to say. Well, almost. If you're picking up this particular case for your Moto G there's a good chance it's because of the design. The Bugdroid circuit design looks fantastic, adding a little Android style to your phone while keeping it all nice and safe.


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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case for Moto G


I used this case briefly before the grip shells came out. I would still be using it if Motorola had not made those.

Do you feel that the grip shells provide adequate protection to the back of the phone. I feel that the camera lens is not adequately protected since the grip shell replaces the original back and if you tend to keep the phone on its back.. the camera lens may incur scratches.. do let me know your point of view.

I have this case for my Moto X and couldn't be happier with it. The orange is really nice and matches up with the orange accent fairly well.

I have this case and have been very pleased with it. Well designed with a good feel to it.

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I have this case for my galaxy s3 and I love it. Couldn't be happier. It's very stylish and sleek and offers great protection unless you have 3 fingers out something. About to order it

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I keep trying to use a case but the phone just feels to good to cover up

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One of my favorite cases. Love it on my Note 2. Only problem on the Note is only certain screen protectors fit in it otherwise it pushes on them.

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I've used the teal Cruzerlite "Androidified A2" case on my Galaxy Nexus for 2+ years now, and it still looks great. The combination of Cruzerlite's stylings (contrasting matte with shiny finishes), their color choices, and the awesome durability and ability to STILL look almost new two years later puts them at the top of the list of case vendors for me. In fact, as I prepare to retire my trusty GNex later this year, one of the deciding factors in choosing an upgrade includes reviewing which phones Cruzerlite currently offers cases for. Yes, I *am* that pleased with their products.