Update: Grrr. Sam's Club, folks. Not Costco.

Fresh in from our folks behind the shelves at Costco Sam's Club, we have some new info about upcoming releases. In handy bullet point form are the following:

So, that's that. We're still in agreement that we'll see the Droid Bionic sooner rather than later, but these things aren't official until they're official. But if you're waiting to get it at Costco, Sam's Club you might have a few extra weeks to hang on.

Thanks, anon!


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Sams's Club not expecting the Droid Bionic until September? [Updated]


Lets see....

Same processor.
Same type of screen except Droid 3 will look better due to size.
Same camera.
Same video camera.
Same version of Android.
Same Android skin.

Except Droid Bionic doesn't have a keyboard but will have a big screen, meaning the Pentile display will look worse on it.

Yea, better in every way...

That reply is a tad biased don't you think? In a month or so, a bionic can say...

Same Processor
Same type of screen *but larger*
Same Camera
Same version of Android
Same Android skin
*half the thickness, due to removal of pointless physical KB that no one uses*

And this is coming from a droid owner...

FWIW I the LG Thrill is available for $79.99 today at Radio Shack. New or upgrade. Check the weekly AD.

If that were the case, it seems that the Verizon stores are prepping for launch a little early. A coming soon display 45 days in advance? Seems a little long for Verizon.

If Bionic is going to launch on the rumored Sept 1st date then it's going to mean a loss in sales for Motorola and VZW. People WANT to buy the Bionic, but the closer it gets to the holiday season the more likely people will be to just wait and see what arrives a couple months down the line. I know that's the dilema that I'm facing. I don't want to buy a phone in September because the BEST phones always arrive right before the holidays. Not to mention the fact that Ice Cream Sandwich phones are only a few months away. If the Bionic doesn't launch on Aug 4th then I won't be purchasing it, and I'm sure a lot of other people wont be either.

I don't want this to be true, but it looks fairly credible.

I don't understand, you wouldn't buy the phone because its delayed by a month? But most likely, you'll be signing a new 2-yr contract to get the phone, where it will be long outdated by the next time you upgrade?

Really, if the Bionic is delayed AGAIN, then *IT* will be outdated by the time it launches. I'm so sick of delay, delay, delay. Is there any company that can put out a smart phone these days on time?? So tired of getting my chain jerked by Motorola on this phone. I mean do all these delays mean its a POS and Motorola doesn't have what it takes to put out a decent phone anymore? Is it going to turn out to be the


The problem is that the Bionic would have been great...back in March. People were clamoring for a dual core LTE device since January and the first three were single core only.

The Bionic's specs are going to be behind the cover by the end of this year, which is around the time we should be expecting a very superior GS2 (better in every way minus lack of LTE; should be out next month), Nexus 3 (rumored to have LTE; should be out by October), and Krait- and Tegra 3-based devices late this year/early next.

I agree if this gets pushed back to then that will be right around the iphone 5 and sgs2 launch. I think the only way moto will sway people to get the bionic is to unlock the bootloader which I cant see happening. Otherwise moto is going to take a big loss on this.

The Delay shouldnt change anyones mind, I mean this phone has been delayed twice now from its May originaly release date. And I dont think the Iphone5 will steal any Bionic customers, BUT... If SGS2 news comes out that it will be LTE, Motorola is screwed. I don't know about anyone else, but if there is LTE on that SGS2, the bionic is off my list instantly. If Samsung screws up and is not LTE, I am getting a Bionic whenever they decide to release it.

The inventory is sufficient for only Verizon stores and possibly best buy Verizon wants some kind of exclusivity on the phone so is limiting its authorized vendors on units since this is revision 3 of the phone its been kind of a rushed project ...the date probably wont be till the 11th thou with telesales and online orders shipping out a week early ...but this has to do mostly with production of units and beleive it or not photon production didn't help the bionic much since sprint pushed moto for their version first.

The manufacturers could be on a short supply for the phone and are limiting it to just the retail stores and the this point I'm thinking anything to keep hope alive...

From the screenshot it is possible that there is an issue, specifically a cosmetic one, that is holding back the device. This basically means a recall.

The way I read it:

DROID Bionic - pushed to September - linked to Cosm(etic issue)

Where the letters in parentheses are what I believe the full screenshot would have shown.

There isn't one.

All it is was a phone announced in January that still hasn't released, and will probably be behind in specs since they waiting forever fixed endless bugs.

Expect a mid- range 4G phone with more bugs than you could imagine.
The only reason its big is because its Verizons first Dual Core/4G phone, when other carriers have multiple.

If your a verizon customer and appreciate their reliability when it comes to voice, the DC+LTE is a huge factor. Thats the only thing keeping the Bionic on news pages after all these delays. Samsung needs to announce that the SGS2 will be LTE and it will throw the whole game for a loop, Bionic will lose interest immediately. But until then, Motorola can keep messing with the release date, it's not like any other DC+LTE is due out any time soon..

Ill chime in w the others and say this probably doesnt change the Aug 4th release. Im in NYC, and my costco still wont have the D3 until July 28th according to the kiosk rep.

meanwhile, I have my D3 arriving July 26 costing me only 32$ with contract RENEWAL. Thank you Bionic for my Buy1Get1 Promotion on tthe Droid3

To be honest, i am thinking this phone is a lemon. It keeps getting delayed ...we can only assume why. Sounds like it has a LOT of problems. Buyer beware

No don't go the way of the Droid charge ...the humming bird can't keep up with multi tasking trust me ...I'm considering a D3 THEN RETURNING IT TO vzw. Once my bionic arrives ...that's how frustrated i am with it ...and as of my countdown shows i would be with in my 14 day time frame ...hope its not the case but that's how itchy my trigger finger is

Why you wouldn't want to wait for
The galaxy s2 line to hit is beyond me.
That's the one that should be at the top of
Everyones list.

Agree 100% but most people think it wont be LTE, although that is no prof it will or will not. I really hate motorola, they have always gave me problems in the past and the camera always sucks. I can't even see my screen in the sunny Miami weather.

Their is a reason this phone continues to be delayed. PROBLEMS.

I think for me from now on its Samsung or Apple. HTC makes great phone but don't know to to make something with decent battery life.

Because a) Samsung's are cheaply made and show their age quickly, b) Verizon will not be able to put a 4G radio in the SGSII's (very thin) chassis, and c) Bionic will be the most-capable all-around phone at Verizon for a while.

I'm not sure when the SGSII will ship, but I'm positive it will be well-received and will be an excellent slab complement to the D3 slider as a dual-core 3G beast.

Everyone chill out about this push back date. Now this article says Sam's club right? Let me make my self more clear on this, Walmart and Sam's club get the phones a month later after the release date of any carrier phones. So if the Bionic is push back to September, than it will come out on August 4th to Verizon and online orders. Some of you guy's are probably thinking how I know this? Well I have some friends that work at Walmart and they told me how they work over at the phone deportment. These are they exact words " We don't get any new phones until a month they been out" Well I hope I made my self clear.

so sensation and mt4g slide came out first there and they arent new phones? Not to mention droid x,x2 all were out same day as vzw. Just saying.

Hope this will release on Aug. 4th also the pre-order on July 28 and plus Sam's Club do get their's a month later I should know I work at Walmart.

Just a thought...Wasn't either the Thunderbolt or Charge sold out during the pre-sale and then it had to be ordered? Maybe the reason for holding back at Sam's Club and Costco is to prevent that from happening with the Bionic. It just seems to make sense is all I'm saying.

DukeNukemForever phone. The anticipation is killing everyone. Once its released everyone will be disappointed.

Question Is the source for this Sam's Club info the same one that had us all worked up about the Xoom Wifi release. That worked out didn't it?

No clue whether @MDB228 is legit or not, but this post seems to be a clue to the release date:

T-Minus 1,166,400
22 Jul via Twitter for Android

1,166,400 seconds / (60 seconds per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 24 hours per day) = 13.5 days. July 22, 2011 + 13.5 days = August 4, 2011

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