For those, like myself, who have been waiting for the Samsung Continuum since we went hands-on with it, your wait may be coming to an end. Yesterday's update of information left us wondering, and today it appears as though some shots of the device have surfaced in Verizon stores. Ready for an upgrade, and not sure if this is the device for you? Be sure to check out the spec sheet to see how it compares to other Android devices on Verizon, and let's hope for a quick release! [via Android-Life]


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Samsung Continuum making its way to Verizon stores


Has anyone ever considered the event might unveil 2.2 or 2.3 on the Galaxy S? Or maybe just this weird device? Why would Google deny another Nexus anyway? Are they ashamed Samsung would make it? Anyway, still a possibility that this is for a newer device than this unusual handset.

We've talked about that on the podcast. It's possible they'll announce Gingerbread there -- they announced that the Froyo code was available at the Droid X event. But I still think it's pretty unlikely we'll see any new Nexus (at least officially) at this event.

it would be so awesome if they announce a Nexus 2 (or whatever it's called) next week. i would so replace my cappy if it works on AT&T