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6 years ago

Google looking for "product marketing manager" for Android, Nexus One



Would you look at that! Google is getting serious about selling the Nexus One and marketing the Android platform, too. Apparently the folks over at Mountain View have decided not to take the reported less-than-stellar sales (and we're still not buying that, by the way) lying down. A recent Google job listing calls for:

The Android space is a big opportunity for Google, and an area of strategic importance. As Product Marketing Manager for Android and Nexus One, you support the Direct-To-Consumer marketing plans and initiatives that will be rolled out in the coming months. You are focused on increasing the number of device sales and increasing awareness of the Nexus One brand.

This is refreshing news, especially since Google's flagship phone is set to be on all four major carriers by this summer. How will this affect the sales of the phone, when potential buyers still won't be able to lay their hands on it until after they've ordered the phone? Only time can answer that question, but this definitely looks to be a positive next step. [Google via Phandroid]

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6 years ago

Motorola Backflip coming to Germany this month


It seems that the motorola backflip must be doing a lot of flips because it is sure getting around. Coming this month the Moto Backflip will be released in Germany this month. The Backflip has already been launched here in the US as AT&T's first Android phone, but also in China and Italy. 

You can also read up on the Backflip in our Forums. [unwiredview]

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S approved by Bluetooth SIG?



The Bluetooth Special Interest Group just approved a Samsung Android phone that sounds very much like the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S. To quote the Bluetooth SIG description:

I9000 is a Full Touch phone with reinforced features. 4.0 inch OLED screen perform expanding full touch to follow TouchWIZ 3.0. It embedded Android OS. It supports EDGE/GPRS Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900).

The screen size, full touch nature and Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities of the "I9000" meets up exactly with the Samsung Galaxy S. However, the Galaxy S was said to have a Super AMOLED screen but we're going to chalk it up as some poor typing mistake rather than disregard this as the Galaxy S. And like what we've seen in CTIA, the Bluetooth SIG filing re-iterates its EDGE/GPRS bands but doesn't specify its 3G bands. Hopefully, Samsung will come to their senses and figure out the US 3G situation cause this Galaxy S is hot. [via phonescoop]

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6 years ago

Android and videos, how to get started


Inside Android

Hello again everybody!  This week we're leaving all the techie stuff behind and we're going to have some fun.  Android phones are great portable media playesrs -- we just have to get used to a different way of encoding and syncing our media.  While there are lots of way to get it done, we're going to focus on two that use free tools to make the most out of your Android multimedia experience.  So put your ringer on silent, send the kids out to play in the yard and read along after the break.

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6 years ago

Motorola confirms Droid is currently getting the Android 2.1 update

Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update

Yeah, we wrote that headline with our tongue firmly planted in our cheek -- Motorola today took to Twitter and Facebook to confirm that the Android 2.1 update indeed is being pushed out to the Droid in stages. Or, you can skip the wait and update manually with handy how-to instructions, follow along with our step-by-step video, or get more help in the forums. Oh, and here's Moto's version of the changelog, if you want another look at what's new. [pdf link] (Strangely, no mention of graphics being slowed. To be continued ...)

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6 years ago

TweetDeck Is coming to Android


Yes, What you are reading is correct! TweetDeck -- the popular desktop and iPhone Twitter client -- is releasing an Android application (and one for BlackBerry, to) giving us yet another choice to tweet away our lives in 140 characters or less. [via Crackberry

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6 years ago

Fess up: Who bought an iPad?


Apple iPad

We know a few of you did it. Despite your love for all things Android and Google, you shelled out $500 or more for an iPad. It's OK. It's shiny. We understand that. And despite your transgressions, we're more than willing to point you to our pals at TiPB for all the iPad launch day news, app reviews, accessories and other Apple giddiness. Go ahead. And then come on back this way for your Android fix.

Did you buy an iPad?poll

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6 years ago

Review: HTC Legend with Android 2.1 and the new Sense UI


HTC Legend 

HTC's February press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was a double coming-out party -- it brought us the new version of the Sense user interface, and it also brought us the HTC Legend.

The Legend is the follow-up to the venerable HTC Hero, which was the first Android phone to feature Sense. After the break, we take a look at the Legend and its slick new hardware revision.

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6 years ago

Take Android screenshots without root


Hey everyone.  Here's a quick tip that often gets overlooked amidst the madness. Since everyone loves to show off their Android homescreen setup, Let's talk about how to do it if you're not rooted and not running a home replacement. This works for all devices regardless of any home customizations done by the handset maker. Hit the break to follow along.

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6 years ago

Digg launches its own Android app


Digg for Android 

One week after launching the iPhone app, Digg’s making its next push into the mobile space with its first native app for Android devices. It’s launching right now in the Android Market, and below is a quick snapshot of the features.

  • Designed specifically for Android devices, a great experience on Android for browsing Digg
  • Browsing of stories in list view and with a comments page
  • Digging and burying of both stories and comments
  • Landscape mode
  • Using an in-app browser to pan around and zoom in and out of content. On the Nexus One, multi-touch is enabled
  • Both me dium and high resolution sized screens are supported

Hit the break for the official announcement as well as more screenshots, and you can download the Digg app here (Market link).

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6 years ago

HTC Incredible appears in Verizon's Cellebrite system


HTC Incredible

We haven't quite run out of ways to prove that the HTC Incredible exists and is coming to Verizon. So here's one more. We got a tip yesterday about it being in Verizon's CelleBrite system (that's a method of moving your old data onto a new phone), and a pic was posted at Android Forums proving it. (Oh, we also hear that the Verizon Nexus One is in CelleBrite, too.) Now if somebody would kindly slip the Incredible itself into our hands, we'll be happy to make short work of it. Thanks, Steven and JM for the tips!

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6 years ago

Did the 2.1 update slow your Droid's graphics processing power?


Droid graphics test

Tinfoil hats on, everybody! It appears that the Android 2.1 update that the Motorola Droid is in the midst of receiving tweaked the code a tad and changed the way graphics are processed, with a slower frame rate as a result.

We haven't noticed too great a decrease, but the numbers don't lie, we suppose. Check out developer Phil Issler's video after the break, and sound off if your Droid doesn't seem as peppy as it once did. (For what it's worth: We got about 40-41 fps on our Droid. Here's the test app if you want to try things out yourself.)  [Tesuji Games Blog via ZDNet]

Is your Droid slower after the 2.1 update?polls

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6 years ago

LG C710 Aloha is the next great Android phone



Honestly, Android has grown so large that we're a little past the point of purely speculating what the next great Android phone will be. There's so many awesome Android devices currently available, on the horizon, or in the future that it's almost silly to report on an Android phone that has no leaked pictures or confirmed specs. But this one's special: the LG C710 Aloha is purported to be as good as the best Android phones now with one twist: it has a full QWERTY keyboard.

The LG C710 is said to rock a 800x480 screen (same as the EVO) and pack your typical connectivity options but adds 802.11n. LG has previously built low-end Android devices but if this Aloha device is real, well, welcome to the big boys club LG. Combining that screen with wireless-n and a full QWERTY keyboard? Even if it's ugly, that's still an awesome phone. We can't wait to say hello. [tweakers]

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid versus Palm Pre Plus in March Smartphone Madness final


Motorola Droid Palm Pre Plus

And now, an epic battle between the Motorola Droid and the Palm Pre Plus -- Verizon phones, both -- in the finals of Laptopmag's March Smartphone Madness tournament. The poll closes April 5, so vote early and often. And let's not let our cousins at go away with bragging rights, m'kay? Vote!!!


Final Round: Which Smart Phone is Better?answers

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