Droid Incredible Froyo

We'd heard and hoped that the Droid Incredible would start seeing the Froyo update today and indeed, Verizon has confirmed via Twitter that it indeed should start happening soon. Makes sense, since Verizon is already advertising Froyo as a feature for the DInc.

In addition to the Android 2.2 goodness, the update will bring Flash, mobile hotspot support, and 720p video recording. Verizon also says it will 'be posted to the VZW site' - we presume they refer to placing instructions on this page, but if you're reading this we suspect the steps in an OTA update are something you can figure out fairly easily.

Received your update? Please do let us know in the Android Forums, won't you? (Those looking to commiserate about not having received it yet head here) [@VZWSupport]


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Confirmed: Droid Incredible Froyo Update rolls out today


Just a question to clear things up, Rooted-stock 2.1 Dinc will still get the OTA but depending on how you did your root, you may or may not lose root after Froyo?

Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date
Your system is currently up to date

I just don't know how I'm going to react when this "status" message changes!

I hope you aren't going in to that screen, backing out, then going in again, hoping it's going to change.

When you get an OTA update, it will notify you in the status bar that you have an update ready to download. You can then tell it to do so. After downloading, it will prompt you to restart in order to install the update. If, for some reason, you don't want to at that time, then you would go into the System Updates screen to initiate it. When it says, "Go here to check for system updates" it isn't actually looking for it.

Thanks -

I know that I will receive the OTA alert once it begins being pushed for my area code / weight / height / zip code / zodiac symbol / etc.


I guess I was just hopeful I could "phone home" and get the update prior to the OTA Update "push".

Ignorence is bliss!

Thanks for letting me know.

hahahaha I'm on Google Reader, come to Android Central and see that they replied back to my tweet: "Give us that damn DInc Froyo, don't be coy."

Regarding Froyo coming down the pipe, I'm ready for it with an open mouth. Arms I mean.

We are a far cry from a couple of days ago with rumors that Froyo won't even come to the Dinc.

There is Joy in Droidville!

um, that's what the OTA consists of in their Froyo package.

You can also do the forever root via Unrevoked

Guys, I'd stop staring at your phone's manual update screen...VZ updates almost always start after peak hours, often fairly late. I wouldn't expect anything till we get on towards sundown. And us poor X users will probably get to do the same waiting game next Friday...

I'm at work without access to a cpu.. does anyone know if their are manual instructions on verizons site or are we all stuck waiting for the ota to push?

that would be a shame. i hope you find your goat soon. i think thats a little more urgent of a matter than sitting here waiting for froyo.

No sign of Froyo in San Diego :(
Watch, all my friends who don't really know about phones and copied me getting the Incredible cuz I got it will get their update before I get mine. Cmon phone gods... hook me up ota style!!!

now is it crazy to think that we are finally going to get those missing lines in bluetooth and other connetions? I'd love to be able to use this thing with my car again.

Still no update, much like other rumor dates of updates. Now it even looks as though Verizon is not sure when it will update either. 15 hours into Aug 27th, still no update available......

Hope this happens for you folks soon. Because as soon as this update is out of the way, Droid X is waiting and ready. Good luck people.

From a comment over at droid-life:
"Guys relax because today is the first day of the update. On the first couple of days of the update, the rollout only happens to small test groups so that VZW can evaluate if there are any issues. Usually on the third day of the update, it starts rolling out randomly and massive batches per day.

Also, there's no point in going into Settings->About Phone->System Updates because on the Incredible, all this notifies you of is whether you had already received the OTA update and then chose to ignore it. So it's not actually polling the server to see if there's an update. When you get the update, your phone will notify you.

One last thing...update rollouts typically happen in the AM. So if you didn't get the notification when you woke up, you're most likely not going to get it that day. "

if we already have rooted 2.2 do we have to downgrade to 2.1 or will it let us upgrade because it it is newer build

I'd really like to know this too. Everyone keeps asking that question over and over, if you are rooted can you still upgrade? What happens to your data if you do upgrade a rooted phone? That's the big reason I haven't rooted yet - this question keeps getting ignored.

Still nothing in the south west. I'm thinking it'll be a few days anyways. Also...40% battery or 20% plugged in? We're all in trouble in that case...I'm really hoping the battery life has been fixed. It's like buying an $100,000 sports car that has a 4 gallon gas tank.

This is crazy. My wife keeps telling me to get my hand out of my mouth (chewing fingernails) . Nothing in Chicago. Im wondering if we are ever going to get it now.....

got up two time this morning first at 1:30 am the second at 3:15 is now 11:25 n nothing in Wichita,KS was going on!!!!!

I am gonna go out on the limb and say...not gonna happen for us in Phoenix today, or within the next couple of days...patience is key...but hard to have when waiting for so long for 2.2

I just went to a verizon store for an issue with my phone restarting, and I was ask to wait for the update.i was guarantee that the latest iwill get it will be thursday. T that that's the final day of the roll out.I'm sure it won't solve my issue but at least I kind of know what's the max I'll be waiting.

Should we be worried that we have not received the ota? Didn't they say it would be a 3 day roll out? Today is day two and still nothing? I assume calling Verizon would result in the typical useless information from someone who makes $11.00 an hour and has no clue when the ota will come to my phone. I guess just wait? It will happen right?

*edit-- just checked my software information and it says 2.1 update1, has it always said that or am I just paranoid?

people... if something is gonna happend is not gonna be during the weekend. most likely very few non-forum related users got it the first day. the rest of us will be getting some love starting monday.
We have waited long enough so a few more days wont kill us.
BTW whatever they have in stock on the stores still has 2.1 the guys of the store i went earlier got one out and show me the version.

Hey everyone, I posted this morning as soon as I got the update and I can tell you it is not regional. My wife's DInc did not get the ota today, which is fine since she doesn't care. I also wanted to let you know that the changes aren't as noticeable as I had hoped. Now VZ Navigator pops up as an option if I select an address, there is a new flashlight app... as in a flashlight to light your way in the dark. I am sure there are other subtle changes and I still haven't played with flash yet. Oh yeah, it also has 3g mobile hotspot as long as you sign up for the extra fee, and the camera will shoot 720p video. Nothing else to report yet but good luck to everyone.

My settings have nothing to do with receiving the ota correct? I typically have "background data off" to save battery power. That has nothing to do with getting the ota push right ??

Still nothing in NY. Would have been nice to get it done during the weekend instead of in the middle of the work week. Funny, only 4 days ago the VZW salesman told me he had no idea when the update would occur.

I'm visiting in Hershey, PA this weekend, but nothing yet. I'm going back to NY (Long Island) tomorrow so I hope my chances of getting it in NY are better. It is a major metropolitan area, more so than Hershey, PA any way.

Nothing yet here in Northern Virginia.

Felt I should check in, 'cause all the cool kids are doin' it! :p

After such a long wait, I can't believe it is being distributed at such a "snails pace". I'm just saying....

You couldn't be anymore right they are dragging ass to the fullest. I wish I wouldn't had known that way it wouldn't feel like something that I am expecting.

Still nothing going In Baton Rouge, LA, It just sucks that I will receive the update during work, but it would be pretty cool that whenever I will wake UP this morning it would be there, I hope its the way that I am dreaming it.lol

Still nothing here in Pensacola, FL. Still waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting Oh wait just a Text message!

Just so you know. The updates are in batches. (random batches of s/n's of activated handsets) it will not matter where you are. You know the number you have to take the battery out and read off when you activate a new phone. This system keeps any given network from being overloaded. Do just hope you have a lucky number today.

Saw a couple other commenters out there from Phoenix...still nothing on my end. I agree with the person who said he wished he didn't know it was coming so he could stop expecting it!

I got ahold of customer support online help at verizon and asked why my 30 day old phone is outdated and said I would like the new incredible shipping with android 2.2 installed. I was told to call coustomer support and request the update. Going to call in the AM if there is no OTA tonight.
If there is no good news from support tomorrow I have downloaded OTA release leak to use to satisfy my needs.

WOOT! Just got the notice as of 7:10am. Updating now :)

Edit: Congratulations! Your phone has been updated successfully to version 3.21.605.1 Done in 10mins...bootup does say "droid!" along with the droid eye...time to test the new bells and whistles. FYI the initial boot does take awhile longer. I thought it was locked up when it wasn't.

I got the notice on my phone today. When I went to install the update, it looked like it was installing, but then failed. I called Verizon and they had me go through a few steps to force the update again. Apparently, the update is being rolled out by HTC and not Verizon. To make it short, I have to wait for HTC.

Just loaded the update this pm through the link from an AC post earlier today. Works great, but hogs a lot of battery power. Can hardly keep it in the green. :-)

Well this waiting thing blows! To bad I don't know who is responsible for the update roll out that way I can point fingers to the ppl that are taking there time.jk

8:00 this morning my phone updated without an issue. Benchmark tests look great as the Java JIT has been vastly improved. Haven't tried a lot of the other features yet.

The wait is killing me!!! Cmon baby, update!!!! Btw I'm in TN, anyone in TN got it yet?

Just finished updating as I am typing this!!

So i got it finally. And I'm really unhappy with it. Handicant sms lags like no other, battery life appears to be worse, and its filled with Verizon picked bloatware (Skype moble, amazon mp3)! Now I'm going to be forced to root my phone. I was in love with the incredible before and now not so much. Good luck out there.

For some reason my dinc is super slow and the weather thing won't change of city, I already check the options and everything is the way it should but it is still acting funny. Anybody has an idea what could be going wrong?

Had to unroot my phone in order to get Froyo installed. After I unrooted, I didn't get the update message anymore. Still waiting. As of now, I'm still running Android 2.1.