Verizon HTC Droid Incredible

Looking for all of our Verizon HTC Droid Incredible coverage in one easy-to-link-to post? Look no further. We'll update this as warranted.

  • Review: Complete analysis of the Droid Incredible.
  • Video: Unboxing and hardware hands-on.
  • Video: Software and Sense UI walkthrough.
  • Head-to-head: Pitting the Droid Incredible against the Sprint Evo 4G and Google Nexus One.
  • Droid Incredible screen shots: All killer, no filler.
  • Contest: Win a free Verizon Droid Incredible from Android Central!
  • Multitouch: The best we've seen on Android.
  • Answers: You guys had questions, we answered 'em.
  • Graphics: We run a test on the Incredible vs. the Nexus One.
There are 7 comments

Alpha says:

Thank you for all the info you have gathered in one place. This makes it simple for everyone.

vblok0910#WP says:

Just got my email from verizon letting me know my droid incredible is coming to me on April 28th CANT WAIT!!!!

blackbq says:

I have the Droid it takes a lickn and keeps on tickn

aaoflaca says:

Thanks Phil for this great review, it is very well presented,
I think neither VZN nor HTC would do this such organized presentation for the "Incredible" piece of tech.
Actually, your review/presentation made me decide on this phone
I think VZN/HTC should give you some credit for this great job,
keep up the good work

trock70 says:

It sure convinced me

JohnLV#AC says:

I vote for JIRO.....

pmdied says:

Sprint can be on 10G for all I care- still doesn't change the fact that their service is inadequate in my area. I feel the differences are minor with regards to memory, screen size, but if the calls don't go through its not going to work for me. Coming from a Treo line to the Eris and now the the Incredible I'm more than impressed with HTC's line of devices. Kudos to both the EVO and Incredible. RIP iPhone.